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Moving to Colorado!!! Which skis to consider?

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First of all, I would like to say that I am so glad I held off on pulling the trigger on a new pair of skis this season as I recently found out that I will be moving out West to Colorado! Needless to say, had I bought skis this past year, they would have been geared towards East Coast Conditions and my money would have been poorly allocated!

With that said, I am about a level 6-7 skier on the groomed and don't even get me started on the ungroomed. I went into the most difficult back bowl in Vail, thanx to my "just do it, ask questions later" friends back on a trip in December. Needless to say, it was a difficult experience and I barely escaped with my leg intact. I WILL need some lessons to ski the powder!

Anyway, I am 5'8" and about 160#. I currently ski Volkl V2 Carver's. They are basically beginner to intermediate level skis and I am starting to think they have been holding me back in terms of skill. I love to carve and ski at a medium pace, but love to let 'er rip when the mood strikes. I have begun to work my way into off-piste condtions. My real question is: Which ski would be good for me to consider? I have looked into plenty of skis, but now I have to reevaluate my selection process as the skis that I will be would be geared towards West coast conditions. I have heard that the Head Monster 72's are an excellent all-around ski with a slight inclination towards off-piste conditions. Would they still be good for carving the groomed at moderate to high speeds as well? Thanks for the input.
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Do you know where you'll be skiing most in colorado?
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As I was reading your description of yourself and your needs, I began to think of the iM72's and then, Low and Behold, you had them in mind. They would be a great choice for you as they are versatile for both on and off piste and aren't too demanding for your stated skill level.
Another good ski for a level 6-7 skier would be a K2 Apache Stryker [at 167cm for your size] provided you cotton to the damp K2 feel.
Another contender might be the Dynastar Legend 4800.
Be careful not to let others talk you into a ski too advanced. you will progress on the above skis whereas a more advanced ski may well hamper your progression. Enjoy the ride! Rob
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Im72's would be a great choice. Check around, as you can probably get a good deal on them now, as they are being discontinued for next year.
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Get a fat ski for fun days. Volkl Gotamas would be pretty nice.
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Ptex1 has some 82's for 325 shipped, I would go that way.
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Loveland has an excellent early season demo day, and I know a bunch of other places do also. Most of the mfgs are represented at them.

Why not make yourself a list of things to try and then go crazy at the first demo day you can attend? Then try things you didn't put on your list.
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Haven't skied the 72's but own and think highly of Heads. OTOH, they're stiff, you seem intrigued by the backside, and 72's won't have much float at the length you'll want for your weight and ability. If you like the Volkl feel, you might think about the Elan Mag 10, which can be found at good prices right now online, and IMO are a better all-arounder for you than the AC3. I would also take a hard look at the Dynastar 8000 in 172 cm; it is cheap right now, crazy versatile for terrain, and can accomodate anybody from intermediate to expert. But demo it first to see if you like the feel, which is unique.
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Wow! Certainly did not think to get this many responses already. It is unfortunate that the IM72's will be discontinued for next season. I am a person that believes very strongly in demoing to find the right ski. I will have to create a list and ski like mad on one of the demo days next season.

I will be most likely skiing any areas within a couple hours of Vail. Being from NY and having only lived in Vail for three months last summer, I am only aware of Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Copper, Keystone, Arapahoe, and of course Vail. I know there are others but am not sure about their location.

Anyway, in terms of me skiing the backside. As of right now, I am "intrigued" by it and that is about it. I have not found my rhythm in the powder when I was out last time and it took me about 30 minutes or so to ski the Sun Down bowl.(or was it Sun Up?) Not to mention I was stuck in the powder amongst the trees for about 10 minutes.

I have skied ONLY groomed conditions up to that point and of course this is what I am most comfortable and adept in. So in terms of finding a ski, I will look for one that is not fat, or at least not overly fat because I feel the fatter they are, the heavier, and the faster I have to go to turn them. This can mean being out of my comfort range. Not looking for an overly stiff ski either as this will give me the same problem. A ski that is too "beefy" for me.

My ideal ski would be a ski in the lower to mid 70mm width range that is great at carving(still what I love), tolerant of a range of skiing input(as I will not be skiing full force all day), stiff enough to take some high speed runs and not so stiff where I can't relax. The ski I have now, while amazing for the time that I have had it, is very squirley when I notch up the speed and take it into anything other than groomed conditions. This skiing being a Volkl, naturally I will look to them in the future as I have appreciated the smooth power, stability and energy that it has given me. I have only recently begun to find the right carving method to build energy and hence give me rebound, which greatly enhances the skiing experience.

The bottomline is: I have to sell these Volkl V2's and hope that I can swing the cost of new skis when the time comes. I will be fresh out of college and money will be tight for a while. Sounds like I need to do what I have heard time and time again in this forum. "DEMO, DEMO, DEMO!" As inclined as I am to buy skis now due to the lower prices, I must resist.

Sorry, for the long winded response! :
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Head Monster 72

I am back and now starting to reconsider my demo before buy mantra. I have heard great things about the Head IM72 and am tempted to find a great deal and pull the trigger. Quite honestly, my last pair of skis were bought based on advice and I loved them. So, I am willing to do the same here if I find a good deal.

With that said, would my skiing style, as posted previously be right for the Head IM72. Or rather, is it right for me? Quite honestly, I ski predominantly the front side, groomed conditions of the mountain and mostly blue squares and easier diamonds. In moving to Colorado, I fully expect to run into more powder conditions and will hope to venture there more. Lastly, which size would be right for me given my height(5'8"), weight(155-160),depending on the scale, and my front side favoritism? Should I be looking at anything else and is it true that these skis will be discontinued next year?
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Truthfully, even you stay mostly on the frontside, I do not see the point in buying a 72 mm waisted ski for your one n' only. Unless you want to carve wonderful arcs on groomed, and really learn about edge angles and balance, and in that case go buy a RX8 or a Elan Speedwave 12; both are very cheap right now and both are a lot quicker and more fun on hardpack than a iM72. OTOH, if you think you may want to spend even 1/4 your time somewhere other than hardpack, go get something in the high 70's at least. There are some surprisingly good carving skis out there in that range, including Heads, and although they're a touch slower edge to edge than 60-somethings they will also give you significant backside ability when and if you get your mojo going about powder. Just more bang for your buck...
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my advice: get the iM72 it's an excellent ski
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Also as you ski out here more and more you'll find the most fun stuff is the ungroomed. And while you're a 6-7 now I imagine you'll see significant improvement as you ski out here on a regular basis. Plus, you never know when we're going to get a blanket of powder and there won't be a "groomer" anywhere on the mountain.
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forgot to mention - get the iM72 in 170 cm
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Gotama. For off piste. Head Xrc for on piste. If you can only get one the gotama will work on piste better than the xrc (or any carving ski) will work off piste
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I really don't think he'd enjoy the goats right now. He mentioned that he mainly sticks to groomers and is starting to explore skiing off piste, but had a very difficult time when doing so. Plus he stated that he's only a level 6 skier. That being said, I truly think it's too much ski for him right now. Perhaps a great ski to add to his quiver in the future, but I think he'd enjoy a ski smaller underfoot than the goats since it sounds like he will stick to groomers at least 3/4 of the time.

Edit: Another ski you may enjoy that I don't think has been mentioned is the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous. It tears up the groomers but also is enough ski to float in probably a foot of pow. It's an incredibly fun ski that is fast, stable and very agile, despite being 78mm underfoot. I would add this to your list of skis to consider. It would be a great one ski quiver for you.
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You are right on with the analysis of what I am looking for in a ski. I have looked at the Nitrous before but was not sure if it was too burly for me. Maybe I will look again. With 78mm underfoot, you would not see this as hampering the skis agility?
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Not at all. This thing was a ton of fun to ski. Was extremely nimble and responsive. Honestly, looking back on it, I'm not sure why I didn't buy it, though I am looking forward to trying out my new IM78's.
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I live in Colorado...
I am a lvl 6/7 skier, just like you I stay on the groomed stuff, blue/black, no moguls...
I have the Head im72, 170cm....
I have tried them in 12” of powder, they did just fine, I just need to improve on the non-groomed stuff next year..
They are great, and they carve just fine, and handle the new snow that Colorado gets throughout the winter...
I like the fact that you don’t always have to be on top of these, you can actually relax and ski with the family if you choose..
I cant compare these to narrower skis, because I have not skied any ...
I went skiing last week with my neighbor who is an instructor at Keystone, he was on a pair of Volkl super sport’s.
When I followed him down the mountain, I tried to carve in his tracks, I was able to without too much trouble.
Now I realize that if he wanted too, he could just flat blow my doors off if he wanted to, but I was very pleased on how well the im72 were able to keep up…
He even commented on how my skis worked…
According to Realskier.com, which I used to find out about the im72, they are more ski than I have skill…
Hope this helps…
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This definitely helps...How would you rate the skis "fun" factor. As this is the reason that I am looking for a new ski and why I am in the sport. :
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They are very fun to ski...
They are everything you could want..
If you want to ski relaxed, they will do that..
If you want to carve, they will do that...
If you want to open it up, they will do that...
The only thing i cant tell you about is the ability in the bumps...beyond my skill...
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Thats perfect since I don't care for bumps anyway. : What do you guys recommend for size based on my ability. I ski on Volkl 162's at the moment and they feel slightly short.(this feeling may be due to the stiffness of the ski though)
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I dont know if this will help...
I am 5' 10" and 240...not a fat slob, been a power lifter for over 30 years...
I am on the 170cm size..
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Jeez, I think I would qualify as a lightweight in comparison...I am wondering if 170 would work for me than as I am almost half your weight at 160#.
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PM dawgcatching or call his shop at 541-593-2453 and ask him, he would know what size would be best for you, and ha may even have a demo pair to sell....
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