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Salomon's site is up

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Hey all,
Salomon's new site is up...it's kinda quiet...no music....www.salomonski.com...i'm
actually surprised there are a few products on there that weren't in the ski industry guide for next season back in march
RK<FONT size="1">

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the Equipe 2V i THINK is supposed to have a wider tail then the tip...what this allows for is greater acceleration coming out of the turn...it's also harder to come out of the turn than a conventional ski, so to compensate, they made the mount point 10% more towards the tip of the ski hope this clears everything up

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I couldn't get to their site! You guys can probably help me. I can buy a pair of last years 1080 mogul for $300.00

I teach skiing full time and can wait and buy their new model on a pro form for $335.00

I wouldn't have to wait or deal with the paperwork. Any changes to the ski? What would you do? Is it a good bump ski? I'm 5'10' 190lbs, don't do the zipper line, as Bob Barnes says I try to ski the slow line fast. I was thinking 160 or 170. What do you Salomon experts say. I have always used other brands and know very little about Salomon stuff. <FONT size="1">

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RUST (never sleeps?),
www.salomonski.com/us/ <FONT size="1">

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Buy the new ones for $35.00 more. I hope you get the two year warranty if mounted with Salomon bindings on the proform, as we would, if we paid for it in a retail shop.
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Rusty Guy,

If you don't do the zipper line, and have no interest in doing so, there might be a better ski for you for the bumps (like an all mountain twin tip or a ski that carves better, since you actually turn in the bumps). Now, I have no idea what that would be, but the 1080 Mogul is designed to be a zipper line mogul ski. It is what a lot of competitive bump skiers are using. It's not great outside the bumps, and I don't think it was as good as my 9.22 when I try skiing the bumps non zipper style.

However, that price of about 300 is really good. If you go for it, wait and get the new model.. it's the same thing but the warranty will last longer.
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The site is a lot better than last year! That was horrible.

As for the Crossmax graphics... I like 'em.
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