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forum clock

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Hey y'all,

I'm sorry if this has been covered before (and it may well have been), but what's the deal with the clock in the forums here? I can never make heads nor tails of it... sometimes it seems slower than est, sometimes faster, and I can never quite figure it out. Am I insane/wrong, or is the clock nuts? if so, why can't it be on time?
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The clock seems wacko to me too.
It used to be consistently PST, if I recall correctly.
Seems to me that it was about the time of daylight
savings time that it quit making sense.
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right now, for instance, it's telling me that I last visited at 4:40pm. It's 4:02p est, and I'll tell you momentarily what time this post is registered as...

.... Right, now I just posted at 8:02pm.


also! When I first came to this thread, the previous posts were something like 3:30 and 3:45. As I look now, they're ~4:30 and 4:45. I am totally confused. anyone? anyone?
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Glytch, go to user Control Panel (CP in the upper right hand corner of your screen) and then click on Edit Options. For the eastern time zone, select (GMT-5) Eastern Time. Select Automatically Detect DST then Save Changes.

Your posting time is correct on my computer (set to Pacific Time). Some difficulty resulted from the change this year in daylight savings time starting a month early. We should be past that issue.

(I posted this at 3:36 PDT or 6:36 EDT and it shows correctly here)
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wow! That worked!

Mystery solved. Thanks for your help!
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