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Alta 4/20

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After thursdays big storm, alta remained almost untouched from skier tracks untill friday. The north facing slopes were money with a consolidated 12inch of snow on them. The slopes that got sun were the worst crust you can think of, unskiable.

here are some pictures of the powder.

Caradog is getting owned by his 189 Made in Aks

but loves every minute of it.

Me cruising down the chutes of wildcat

C-dog skiing some trees at alta

Alta is awesome even in gray bird conditions

Nils(aka plakespear from TGR) reaping the reward at the end of the devils castle hikes.

video coming soon. I am sorry for the dark shots but my computer wont photoshop stuff right now.
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schweet - love those wildcat runs and of course Castle!
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The 1st and the 3rd ones are really scrumptious!
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Wow. Hate that I missed it. Thanks for the invite. Looks even more fun than Disneyworld...
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Nice shots- great last few days. Sooner or later we'll all meet up. Maybe next season something semi- not spur of the moment- but then again, it will require a powder day.

Will post some of my shots from yesterday- Alta's last day- when I get the prints back from my state of the art Kodak disposable.
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I didn't see you guys there! Were you with Will (whom we did see and chaired with).

The crust was horrible but not unskiiable, just unpleasant. We hooked up with an Alta instructor who took us to Rustler and showed us a brilliant move for pounding crust (although in the treed areas there was barely any of that).
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Hey Ant! Gosh- you there too! We should all wear special hats or pagers...
Here's some shots from closing day with the kodak disposable special..,

There was still powder for the hiking, but mostly it was pretty skied off, although not bad... Heinous giant crud popscles down low. Best snow was the Castle and the shoulder.
Here's Pete on the shoulder in flat light and me poseuring by the Castle wall...
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Demonstating the PMS upper body technique in the Castle and some revelers... We'll see ya'all next year! Ant- I can store your skis- P.M.sent.
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We would definitely have seen you lot, and one of our number had a multicoloured flower lei on, but we were there Friday. It was all untouched..... CRUST. Once it'd been chopped up, it was actually better.

One of us broke his back and his neck, which was a tad excessive. Me and friend were off with the Alta instructor, learning how to bring the outside hand around hard and point the pole downhill to the next turn. Brilliant. A very crafty trick to keep you centered and strong in steep and weird snow. The Phat Luvs ruled the day of course, while Metrons and Volkls and other assorted rubbish failed. (The Alta guy was on Apaches).
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Whoa.. Broke back and neck? Yikes- I was there Friday. Surely you guys got onto the North/West stuff which was pretty much mid-winter quality... here's hoping that your friends injuries are not too serious, if that's possible- small fractures? You guys- skiing the "interesting" snow...
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Originally Posted by ant View Post
(The Alta guy was on Apaches).
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btw when I first read the title of this thread it suggested another activity for some reason "Alta 4:20"
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
btw when I first read the title of this thread it suggested another activity for some reason "Alta 4:20"
That's been know to happen too (not by me). Be aware that the town marshall is a skier and has made more than one bust while skiing....
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yup I hear ya - and have smelled it on occasion up in that rarified air. Not for a long time for me personally though (and I have no desire).... Just thought it was kind of TGRish
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Laure and I skiied up on 3 guys in Wildcat many years ago when I was still a tourists.

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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
His name was JW, apparently. We hooked up in the carpark, and later on the chair. He really knew his stuff! I enjoyed flailing away behind him. My friend would get lost way behind us, so we did a bit of standing around waiting for her. His trick with the pole was amazing.

Dead broken bugger wasn't with us, he was with the Ski to Die brigade and damn near almost did.
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and with regard to certain substances, I believe, by hearsay, that people did in fact possess these and intended to consume same on hill at various times. Ahem. (I prefer beer myself and at home the substances are not illegal, but they are still more boring than beer).
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JW is awesome.
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He sure knew his stuff! That hand move is a cracker. I was stoked.
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Great shots. I really need to get to Utah soon....
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Nils, or Plakespear, shown in the photo below from this thread, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer, way too young. There are several threads about Nils over at TGR. Please take a few minutes to read some of them and keep Nils' family and friends in your prayers.

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