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184cm Mantra and Naxos Nx21

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The skis
06-07 Volkl Mantra 184cm
130-94-118; 25.5 meter raduis
Mounted with Naxo Nx21 on center line

me the skier =

5'11 175lb
142 days this year alone
Level 9
Dablello Kryptons Set up with Stiff tongue, and one stiff plug.
Skis Liked - Volkl Gotamas, K2 PE, Elan Ripstix, wood core sidewall skis in general
Skis Disliked - most salomons, really short skis, freeride skis that tip dive in powder.

Conditions from knee deep powder to ice. Smooth, groomed, chopped, bumped, steep, treed

Powder - yet another ski where you can pressure the tip and not have tip dive. Tip comes out of the snow the ski is very easy to do short retraction turns in powder or surfy snowboarder esque turns at higher speeds. The speed at what it floats at is alittle higher than the Gotamas I own but not as playful or pivoty in fresh stuff as the 105mm Gotamas. Great skis in soft snow even though there are much better choices out there, but none of which are as fun other places as the mantra.

groomers - most stable ski I have been on when on edge big fat period. But also doesnt like being a flat ski and can be very hooky while running straight and fast. No speed limit while on edge but dont ride flat skis to much. This skis does GS/SG arcs with ease on groomers of any snow condition even sheer east coast ice. Shorter turns are easy enough but just not fun. The skis is very damp and dead and just beg to go a million miles an hours.

Tree/bumps/chutes - not whats this ski is made for but I have been sking trees quicker on this than anything else. The biggest reason being its doest get upset by anything and just keeps on going. The snow can change and you still hold the same line you wanted to. In bumps again not the best ski but you can short turn round turn zipperline very easily and you will never be thinking the ski is holding you back.

Crud - Super damp, nearly dead for sure makes it AWESOME in crud, but has a speed limits if its of the harder kind of crud. Soft crud/chop you can just edge steer and plow right though at any speed. When its get harder/icey you can do the same thing but you will start to catch edges to much at high speeds. The Sidecut hurts its alittle here, the solution is just slowing down a alittle.

conclusion - Super damp stable skis that at the same time is rather nimble and pretty easy to ski on despite the stiffness. This could be very much be a one skis quiver for someone. Pretty light when mounted with the naxos(review on those coming soon). If you someone who likes to go fast and TURN you will love these skis.
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The Mantra keeps delivering. I felt the Fritschi Freeride bindings on mine affected the ride and experienced tip dive and hooking under some conditions until I moved the mounting point back. (I was actually slightly ahead of the mid-sole mark and moved it back 1.5 cm) It wasn't much of an issue until I gained weight, but it makes quite a difference for the better for me now.

Were these mounted to boot center?
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Interesting posts. I started the year with the new Naxos N21s on new Mantra 184s. It was a terrible snow year in much of Switerland - not enough and consistently sunbaked (read real hard pack stuff) off piste. Good for a great sun tan but few epic days - like none! I never felt real comfortable with the Mantra/Naxos combo in those conditions. I did put the Naxos bindings on a pair of Volkl Vertigos and put the Marker freerides on the Mantras. Life was happy ever after from there.
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the skis are mounted at boot center. to answer cirque question from months ago.

skiing alta on sunday I forgot how fun and easy powder skiing these things are.

and Vervierexpat is right that on really icey stuff the naxos flex enough to make you feel uneasy. but on most groomer in utah I dont notice the binding flex....in fact off trail you can charge pretty hard on these skis.
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