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I have all from the late 80s--

* - Gaastra 6.1m2 camber-induced slalom sail, good condition
* - Gaastra 5.3m2 wave sail, almost new, used 2-3 times.
* - Gasstra 7.1m2 camber-induced speed sail, needs repair, a big rip would need to be sewn to make this one usable.
* - 5.5m RAF sail. good condition. I think this may be a North sail but not sure of brand.
* - 6.6m2 camber-induced sail, I believe this was stock on a Mistral board, pretty good condition.
* - Surfiac red aluminum mast, works well with any of the above sails, except maybe the wave sail.

I might also have a mast-base for the mast and maybe some other hardware, or a fin maybe. I'd have to poke around. If I found it, I'd throw it in no change.

These aren't the newest sales around obviously but this deal would be an inexpensive way for someone to build a quiver of sails as it would cost a ton to buy this many sails new.

I put an asking price of $175 on this stuff on craigslist but I'd sell the lot to a skier for $125 cash. You pick up Medfield Mass, 25 miles WSW of Boston.