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toughest skiing in europe

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for anyone who has ever been to europe or read anything on europe, what are the toughest places to ski? any personal stories would also be appreciated. thanks
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What are you looking for, Conor?
depth of crevasses?
Number of deaths per year?

La Grave would be high up the list, but if you want to get good answers, I'd suggest going here...
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Chamonix bar none......there are routes off the Aiguille Du Midi that make La Grave look flat!....Cosmiques Couloir is an easy run...45 degrees for 4200 vertical...then it flattens a little, before plunging all the way to town.....if you fancy a real tough one the Malory route has a mandatory rappel and has less than 5 decents a year!...for more info just do a search under my username
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Looking for tough off-piste adventure?
Verbier is the place to go.
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I have also heard Verbier (Switzerland) and Chamonix (France) for extreme stuff. Val d'Isere (FR) and St. Anton (Austria) are renowned for having a lot of more mainstream expert terrain. Fish around www.ski-europe.com It has a lot of great info/descriptions on just about every major ski area in the Alps, often with details on expert terrain.
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