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Good boot-fitter in the Northwest

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I ski at Mt. Baker and I am looking to get a new pair of boots fitted.
This isn't about which boot to buy so no advice please.
I just want to know somewhere good to go to get a new boot fitted as perfectly as possible.
Best possible location is Bellingham but i can go to Seattle or BC if needed.
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Try the search function - this has been discussed before. I like the guys at Gerk's Alpine Hut in Redmond for boot work these days. Martin at Sturtevants in Bellevue has a very solid reputation. I seem to remember a bunch of folks thinking very highly of Jim Mates in Seattle. Again - try that trusty search function...
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Martin or Joe at sturtevents.

Jim Mates has a lot of friends and supposedly does great work, how ever I have heard several scathing reveiws from people who were completely dissatisfied with his service
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I'm a Jim Mates fan (Custom Boot Service in Seattle). Until I went to him I had never had a proper fit and equated ski boots with pain. He completely fixed my problems with one visit. Now I don't even loosen my buckles during the day.

I've not heard anyone give him a bad review, that's why I went to him. Summer is coming up which is the perfect time to drive a few extra miles for good work. There's nobody in B'ham that is in his league.

He guarantees his work, is very personable and his rate seemed very reasonable to me.
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It's worth it to make the drive to either skiattle or up to surefoot in Whistler.
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Go see Jay Taylor in Whistler (Snowcovers) he has trained many of the northwest guys. I think Martin is a little overated. The first thing he will want to do is throw away your liners. After Jay, go with the the guys at alpine hut in redmond, Jay trained them.
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Paul & /or Brad at Snowcovers in Vancouver if you don't want to drive all the way to Whistler. First rate guys who know what they're about.
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Don't go to Jim Mates. He ruined one pair of my boots and another pair of my boss's boots. he's a hack. he can't ski either.
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Originally Posted by borntoski683 View Post
Don't go to Jim Mates. He ruined one pair of my boots and another pair of my boss's boots. he's a hack. he can't ski either.
I won't argue with you about what he did for you or your boss. I can only say that he did fabulous work for me and has a wall in his shop of pictures personally signed by memebers of various ski teams, including many members of the US team over the years, each one with a personal greeting and many of them with testimonials concerning the great job he did for them.

He was a member of the Stevens Pass Ski Patrol in the 80's and the patrol director from that time also holds him in high regard. He can ski.
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I should mention that Jay is one of the owners of Snowcovers so you can catch him in Vancouver also.
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I can also vouch for Jay. His shop in whistler did fabulous work on my boots a few years ago. I did not know he trained the guys in Redmond, I will check that out.
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Seriously, Whistler is the place to get it done. Lots of options, plus the BEST way to get boots fitted is after you have skied most of the day, that way your feet have swelled, so the boots will ski the same as they are fitted. If you just walk into the shop get them fitted, they will not fit the same when you are skiing for the reason abouve.
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Another Seattle fitter is Kelly Timmons, also known as Dr. Happy Feet. He used to work with Mates. I've had very good luck with him. He works in Wallingford, and is in the phone book.
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Another vote for going to Whistler...there are a several people around who are excellent.
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Dr. Happy Feet

Go see Kelly Timmons.

His resume includes a stint as race service for Lange when Lange owned the World Cup. His successes include Picabo Street, Tommy Moe, Donna Weinbrect, all won Olympic gold medals on his craftsmanship.

He is a great guy and if you are serious about boots he is the man to see.
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See Jim Mates.
Snowcovers in Vancouver screwed up my friends footbeds. They were the unweighted kind and one footbed was twisted at an angle to the foot. They tried 2 times to fix it and couldn't. They didn't want to make a new foot bed even though it was obvious the that footbed had been aligned wrong.
A pair of boot I had stretched at Snowcovers in Whistler Cracked the next day. I had another new pair of boots fitted at Whistler Snowcovers. After a couple of visits didn't do the trick, I took them to Jim Mates and they were great after that.

What guys in Redmond? Didn't the Redmond Alpine Hut get sold a couple years ago?
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Originally Posted by NordtheBarbarian View Post
What guys in Redmond? Didn't the Redmond Alpine Hut get sold a couple years ago?
Yeah. A huge improvement. The guys there these days are very on the ball. Everyone there knows what they are talking about. The guys on the sales floor are all handy in the shop. My family has had them do lots of mounting work, boot work, tunes, etc. the past couple of seasons. All .


Oh - the same comments go for their summer bike business.
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Spindrift, anyone in particular at Gerks'?
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Originally Posted by mtbakersnow View Post
Spindrift, anyone in particular at Gerks'?
They are a small shop - so it isn't like there are tons of random people working there. I'd trust any of the folks doing bootfitting there. At least at the moment, that'd be Brian ("Gerk"), Venny or Paul. They've been working diligently at raising the shop's bootfitting bar the past couple years. IMO they are right up there.

Brian and Venny have more experience. So you might see when they are likely to be around if you are going to schlep all the way down here. Paul is getting into it too though. They are all stand-up people. They all take "doing it right" seriously. All are very into-it skiers as well.

As you've noticed - this is not exactly the optimal season for buying & fitting boots. Regardless of who you use for fitting, you'll want a good selection of boots to choose from.
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Thanks Spindrift, and yes, tis obviously not yet the season.
I did make a call to Dr. Happy Feet (Kelly Simmons) and left him a message, we'll see what happens from that angle too.
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