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OK, so you have a small, regional studio that has been "operating successfully" for almost 15 years... Think about that: an established brand, staff, and facility for a pittance. I suspect you could get a business loan for at least most of that cost, provided the fundamental financials are there.

If you need help reviewing those, let me know. Just make sure that you have a guest room; I've only skied Sun Valley once!
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One other thing, LM: think about what you think you should be able to do with an established fitness business. How much do you think you could grow it? Think about a BB like this for your clientele, for instance, as part of your web site. A fitness blog, and so on.

I bet you double the revenue within a year.
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This appears to be exactly what will fit for you!

The location, potential, and clientele are custom fit for what you are aimed at. I am going to guess the present owner just did not have the personality to make something of this nature work. Most of us here probably feel you do!

Take the chance; and MAKE it work! If Mark can relocate, you won't find a better location for skiing the best of everything the continent has to offer(Sun Valley is no slouch either).

The cost seems negligible, but you might want to take an earlier suggestion and look into housing in outlying areas rather than Sun Valley. If you and Mark are into secluded living; this is the place to be looking!

I know you wouldn't have posted this if it hadn't struck a real chord with you. ... Follow your Dream!!!

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LM, As others here have said do the Homework. There could be a real Oportunity there for you. I don't don't know anything about Sun Valley or Katcham ID. But like Park City it
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"But like Park City it...." Someone's been censoring the forum! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Unfortunately, the big, major issue here is the fact that there would no IT jobs for Mark anywhere near by. Heck, as Mark mentioned, there are not many IT jobs left in the US, since work is being out sourced to India. Ironically, there are more jobs suitabale to his skills in the Toronto want ads than there are for most US cities!

Ryel mentioned telecommuting. RANT ALERT: Mark can be up at all hours to talk to his "team" members in India, but Americans who work for the company can't telecommute from other US cities!

Meanwhile, the laid off US workers who have been "gym rats" are seeking alternate careers; In fitness! Being younger, and willing to work for less pay, they are taking the jobs that the older, more qualified professionals are applying for. The hypocrisy in this industry is disgraceful. Every gym wants to cash in on what they call the "Baby Boomer Market," but they want a younger instructor to present the programs, which, BTW, end up being completely patronizing to 40 and 50 somethings who are actually in better shape than the young uns' developing the programs!
WHEW!!! I feel better now!


I have emailed the seller with a few questions, so we shall see. i can already think of ways to make it more profitable, based on some of the suggestions given to me by shh. The place defintely needs a website. Also, even though I teach Pilates, I also teach other stuff. I would probably get a few more balance toys, and conduct a few sport specific classes.

Of course, the irony here, is that when I first met Mark, I had no interest in skiing, and I swore I would always want to live in a big city. Now, I'm pushing for the mountains, he's pushing for the cities! Interesting 'midlife crisis' going on here, but I guess its better than infidelity.

Anyway, for those of you who have SOs that are not really interested in skiing, all I can say is "careful what you wish for!" [img]smile.gif[/img]

Thanks for "listening!" You are all better friends than you can possibly imagine! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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sorry LM seems The Forum shut down and didn't get all my words of wizdom or whatever They are?
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Ok the rest of my thoughts on this subject lets see where was I? Oh Yeah Like Park City Sun Valley is a resort town. That means you have to make hay when the sun shines. Thats when The people are in twon ant that means ski season. Yes you will have time to ski Locally and Sun Valley is a pretty nice local hill to have. But getting away for a wek or two to do a ESA or Gathering will take some work and planning. Spring and Summer will be vary slow and Summer maybe not so bad. Keep that is mind when you think about working in a resort town. Ok did I miss anything? If something else bubbles to the top I'll post again.
By the way I hear ya on the whole displaced worker Thing.
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Get References: duh custumuhs, duh venduhs, and duh competition. Research the market. It seems too cheep. You will be forced in duh Mob or something.


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Yes, I've thought about the whole seasonal issue of working in a ski town, which is why I never had any thoughts about trying to start a business near the slopes. But from what I gather by reading her ad and email, she has a pretty consistant local following, who has been with her since 1990. The studio also hosts teacher training, which can be a good source of income. Gyrotonic training is becoming a big thing in alternate fitness, but there are very few places that have both the equipment and a qualified instructor. The fact that she has that, is another plus.

I can't be sure, but it seems as if she has not put out much energy in terms of appealing to the seasonal ski crowd. This is something I would put a bit more effort into.

As far as being able to get away goes, its always a hassle, especially from Boston, so thats not really a main issue.
Thanks again!
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Mark can be up at all hours to talk to his "team" members in India, but Americans who work for the company can't telecommute from other US cities!

Of course there's an upside: that's a "togetherness" thing for us. Now when Lisa's up all night on EpicSki I have an excuse to be up all night too across the room on the other computer [img]smile.gif[/img]

Don't get me going on how I had to lose one of my best team members because she had to move to New Jersey due to family commitments, because I was told I couldn't let her telecommute. She could have worked from our offices in NJ or NYC, so it wouldn't even have been a telecommute-from-home thing that some PHB's don't like. Instead I had to lose months of productivity looking for a replacement and bringing that person up to speed. Only to be told in the same timeframe that I have to send 20% of our work or more off to Delhi.

Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Interesting 'midlife crisis' going on here, but I guess its better than infidelity.
Oh, was than an option? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Anyhow, I was told by my first wife that I was having a "midlife crisis" back when we split up and a year later I ended up dating some aerobics teacher...

So I'm wondering, do people get to have a second one? (mid-life crisis, that is, not second wife! I already have one of those...)

Seriously - this is an intriguing opportunity for LM. Timing for me is at least 5 years early, more like 10, for what I would have planned for the "let's bag it all and move to a ski town" dream. That's about when I figure my profession becomes totally offshored even at higher manager/architect levels so I'd have to give it up anyway. And that timeframe gets my daughter in and out of college. The Canadian P.R. idea is a way to hedge my bets by opening up another whole country's (also disappearing, but more slowly) jobs in my field.

I'm crazy and unrealistic enough (two of my more appealing qualities, actually : ) to think that she should at least check this out more. But I'm not sure how well a Boston - Sun Valley (or Toronto - Sun Valley) LD thing holds up!
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Check it out....
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I thought high tech communication had hit a new low the day my teenage son called me on his cell phone from downstairs, one floor away. But MarkXS and Lisamarie are in THE SAME ROOM and they are communicating with each other via EpicSki? You guys need a long walk on the beach.
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No, you don't get it! We talk it out with ourselves, then we talk it over the "family' on the forum! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Personaly if you lived closer to me, I would go to any gym you were at. So many places lack trained personal, I have been stuck going to a place without help. The younger gen just looks at me like I am crazy for coming. :
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With the way IT is going, Mark, this just may be the excuse you need to find something else you love. You could always teach skiing! But, you'd have to find a way to make income, too... [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Think about IT opportunities in non-IT companies in that area, though. There may be something there. The competition for jobs certainly wouldn't be like Boston or Denver...
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Unfortunately neither of those options, especially option 1. [img]smile.gif[/img] will put his daughter through college or his son through law school.

Its funny, a few weeks ago we had thrown around the idea of moving to a ski town in 5 years, when his kids are finished with school. I would either teach at an established business or open up a small place of my own.

Another sort of strange thing.. aftr 9/11, I played around with writing a fiction piece that took place partially in "real space," and partially in cyberspace on a ski forum. It began with a woman walking her dog in battery park city. Then she sees the planes hit the towers. At the end of the story, she gives up her fast paced NYC lifestyle, and opens up a studio in the mountains.

Unfortunately, I am a godawful fiction writer, so the plot never went anywhere. This almost could be a case of life imitating art, but there is no way I would ever want to live for even a short period of time without my husband, my greyhound and my two wonderful cats.
perhaps the opportunity will come along again some day.....
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Boise is only a couple of hours from Sun Valley, right?...,00.html

You can live in the middle. An hour commute is equivalent to brookline to downtown boston in the morning. And that's only 5 miles!

I say look into and go for it. Housing prices here is MA can't be better than Idaho. And our snow stinks this year

Good luck!
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
I'd buy this studio! about living your dream!
LM, what i really meant by growing your crop was : you could probably increase the lettuce in Idaho but there may be a few unexpected occurences. People from the cities are used to paying a chunk for services and they expect them. Whereby in rural areas you save the money but you have to do it for yourselve if you want it done. Could be long cold winter without additional revenue from visiting skiers, boarders and snowmobilers.
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Mark- for your second midlife crisis, you have to buy a sports car. Preferably red. And for Sun Valley, you will need a Carerra 4, so you can also have full time all wheel drive. You already have a new wife, so you are exempt from doing that again!

LM- 2 of my former residents (married to each other) fell into a dream job in Ketchum- they started out sharing a single position, and a year later the senior anesthesiologist retired. It is definitely worth looking into if Mark can make it work. Sun Valley is a spectacularly beautiful place 12 months a year. Maybe the Sun Valley ski corporation needs an IT manager?
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The PayPal donations links for Kara's college fund and Greg's law school assistance will be up shortly. :

Then there's the third one which goes directly to my Ex [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Seriously now - it's tempting. Like Lisa said, it's about 5 years early. OTOH, sometimes your right opportunity comes before you're "ready". Like meeting some Carrie Bradshaw-esque aerobics teacher at some Acting Company's fabulous benefit six months before one's divorce is final and years before considering getting married again if ever... (yes, it was a very "Sex and the City" scene - Lisa was there with her Charlotte-like friend, at a gala that could have been set up by Samantha.)

But, reality does intrude, or at least impinges a bit. There is all of ONE job listed in all the technical job boards, in anything close to appropriate for my experience. And that's in Boise, 165 miles away from Sun Valley. Even if I got it it would be a commute from h*ll and create the added expense of a 2nd vehicle. There was one other vaguely-appropriate job listed on in Boise, ironically offered by one of the big Indian consulting/offshoring firms based in Bangalore. Filled, of course. Probably with somebody from their home location brought in on an L-1 intracompany transfer visa, but they can say they posted it in the US.

Not that I haven't ignored "reality" before, or at least tried to warp it a bit. Would need to find a way to "not work" at least full time, and UF and GWU Law tuitions make that a bit hard for the next few years.

It could work if Lisa went out there by herself for the first few years, with occasional trips. But unlike "Big", I'm not stupid enough to let her get away... Gotta think this through a bit more.

Whatever happens, thanks to everyone for the encouragement and suggestions. Whether or not this particular opportunity is the one to go for, I think this put a new goal out into the cosmos for us. It may be something to work towards over the next few years.
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You know... its scary starting something new when the bills are coming faster than you can blink an eye.

Too bad if this flies by. My kids are still to young for college but it's something Todd and I are like tring to figure out to save for.

Heck.... I have to find a part time job so I can start my art buisness off(and for extras for the girls). Never knew how much it cost to start out.

Mark my Brother-in-law just started a buisness doing something with computers. He lives in Idaho(Sagle). If you like, I could ask him if he needs someone with your skills. He is really a good guy, but you know how family is [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] with each other. Has great buisness sence too.
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Here's a recent quote on outsourcing from a DoD scientist (and article link). Hope I don't offend, just sharing a little humor on high tech outsourcing.

This article in Wash. Post says that most researchers working with nano-technology will die from inhaling micro particles, perhaps we could send all of our nano-research and production to (insert favorite destination). We are outsourcing every thing else to them.
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