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Closing weekend at Breck '07

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Well it has happened. Breck's closing day. I have the photos and the video to prove it. Enjoy...
Here is the link www.mysnowpro.com/jonathanlawson

Enjoy the photos of the rider getting eaten alive in the Zoot Chute... he rode out of it. Pretty sweet.

Tomorrow is an employee only ski day. Colorado chair, T-bar, and Imperial are open.

What a fun season.

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Here is the correct link for the page:
Closing Day articlehttp://mysnowpro.com/jonathanlawson/...l_2022_200.php
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I enjoyed your Epic posts and your blog over the last few months. Helped stoke me for recent trip to Summit County, didn't get to ski Breck though. Seemed like your part of CO made a fine comeback conditions-wise in month of April. Did Breck close with most terrain still in good shape? We drove through Breck one night 4/11 and I pointed out the Imperial lift to my family. How would you compare terrain at top of Imperial Chair with that from Loveland's Chair 9? Would you say the new gondola operation from the Post Office area was a success? Will it spawn a lodging build up in that area?
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Growth, Gondola, and a view from the top

thanks for your post. I look forward to the time when more instructors are using MSP to blog and create momentos for their students.

I am not acquainted with the changes Loveland's summit chair made to the area. However, I can speak to the Imperial. The traffic flow of the upper mountain, with the obvious access to previously only hike-to terrain has been the biggest change. Peak 8 doesn't get tracked out as fast. The Northbowl's "secret spots" and powder stashes can remain good for a day or two, rather than just hours. The "Front Bowl" Horseshoe, on windy days has turned into somewhat of a local knowledge playground. New comers don't want the ride up the windy t-bar, but that is exactly the place to go. They ride the Imperial instead.

Of course the Lake Chutes and Snow White now have access. Prior to the Imperial Chair, the time and energy of preparing Snow White to be skied would have been too expensive for the reward. And there may not have been enough skier traffic to keep it safe. A 3-minute hike is now all that is required. Some purists, want the hike to keep people away. I don't subscribe to that belief. I think when the skier numbers for the year come out, and Breck is #1 in North America the people will have spoken.

Regarding the Gondola. I have always liked the idea of minimizing the traffic going up to P8. However, I was a very vocal opponent with how the employee parking situation was handled. And I was called into the CEO's office on an occasion to voice my criticisms, and potential solutions. Fortunately several of my recommendations were incorporated to some degree. During those meetings I was shown some of the plans for the Gondola area. There are some good plans. i.e. a better walking connection from the lots to town (good for town restaurants and retail); potential parking structures; new "day lodge" type facilities at the bottom of the gondola.

Obviously, the gondola access to the resort has increased the property values of the Shock Hill neighborhood. Also, condo/hotel units will be build at the midway station. And a major development at the base of P7 is being built, as it is nearly sold out. It is awesome to think that the time and energy of putting in a $10 million gondola will increase property values in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Pretty cool actually.

We will have to see how private interests buy and build up the land around the gondola area. I'm sure they will. However, the Breckenridge Town Council has an implied focus on keeping the integrity of Main St. It is after all a National historic district, as well as a main selling point of the Breckenridge Experience.

Regarding the blog, I have had many requests to keep it going during the summertime. The object being, to keep students/readers/friends from around the world in touch with what goes on around here during the spring/summer/fall. Those of us who live here, know the cliche' is true. "We came for the winters, and stay for the summers"

James, thanks again for reading the blog. Pass it on. I should have the next free monthly report out in mid-May.

Best Regards,
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Really nice visuals. Love Zoot Chute- did that boarder do an endo? One day I'll drive over for a winter tour. Breck is a beautiful mountain and town, judging by the pics. The saying about coming for the winters and staying for the summers is so true...
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The rider made a hard turn in a the powder pillow, disappeared, and then popped out below. It was awesome. Make it to Breck sometime (not during Xmas week though). It's a good place.

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Some photos from the year

I spent a little time putting together some of my favorite photos of the season.
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It was great seeing those photos -- many were from the day that I skied with you, and we had a great time.

I wonder if you know if Breck intends to renew the lesson pass next year? My buds and I are done with Copper, and we are looking for somewhere else to ski. Our coach has moved on and may put something together at the Basin, but we are intrigued by Breck 00 you opened my eyes to some great terrain that I did not know was there.

Hope to ski with you next season,

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Mike that was an awesome day. So much fun. The lesson pass is a winner. It hasn't been give the absolute go ahead. But I am sure it will be back. There was an incredible amount of good feed back to John Buhler (SS director at Breck) about the lesson pass.

Assuming it goes, I will take you to some more excellent terrain.

keep in touch with me and the blog,
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