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Thoughts needed

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I know you guys who have been here a while have heard me talk about my Cousin Rob. Some of you have met him. He had surgery earlier this week to remove a large melanoma from the top of his scalp. He's doing ok but will need a skin graft and hope they got everything like they said. He's an avid outdoorsman who has climbed most of the 14ers in Colorado and an avid backcountry skier.

Please include him in your thoughts and vibes and make sure you wear a hat and use sunscreen please.
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Thoughts and prayers for Rob.
Its hard to take care of your skin when you love the outdoors, but its important. Thanks for the reminder as we enter the Summer season of activities.
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My thoughts and prayers to your cousin, Rob. When it comes to skin cancer, basel cell, squamous or melanoma, we often pay later in life for overexposure to sun as children. The best preventative approach is a good UVA/UVB sunscreen, a hat for those who can use it and regular checkups with a dermatologist.

Melanoma is really spooky. However, the other forms can often be treated right in the doctors office during a checkup, especially if at the pre-cancer stage. Although fair skinned people are at the highest risk for skin cancer, anyone can get it.

Sun exposure is cumulative so starting to use sunscreen now is better than not using it at all. Finally, the snow is more reflective than sand at the beach and the atmosphere at higher altitudes, which helps moderate the effect of ultra-violet rays, is thinner. All the more reason for mountain lovers to be careful.
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Oh Goodness! Thoughts sent! Rob is a sweet guy!
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My prayers are with Rob and your family, Lars.
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Thanks for the reminder. Another reason to wear a helmet (as opposed to a toque with holes in the weave).

Cover that melon!
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Hope things go well. Wife's dad just had a deal with that on his nose; the light skinned Norwegian in him.
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