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SNOW!!!! ALL DAY!!!!!
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in wisconsin

while its 60 and sunny in bozeman

what goddamn waste
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A couple of roads in Cumbria (north England) are "only passable with 4 wheel drive vehicles" today.
We never get snow this early in the year, unfortunately there are no uplifts in Cumbria either.

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Cairngorms are white down to 2000ft this morning with more snow predicted, could be an early season .
Plent of uplift here!
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In Gaustablikk, Norway, the lifts started on october 19
And its white down to sealevel all around the country )
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Wisconsin Public Radio said 3-8" in the northwest part of the state today.
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Snow flurries blew through high elavations So. Vt. Sunday A.M. as we were doing our patrol refresher. It is truely electric what happens in a room with a hundred committed skiers when the flakes are falling.
No, nothing stayed.

Target opening is Nov. 15th Snow gods willing.
Killington is blowing snow, with a Nov. 2 planned start up. Just showmanship however.

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The Lecht has opened for the Winter season - Scotland leads the Alps again!

10cm in Val d'Isere yesterday.
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What an amazing post! Snow all over the world.

My hope is that a few of you will join us in January in Salt Lake City.
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What's all this white stuff all over everything?!!

Calg in So Vt.
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Hey let's not forget NZ, 10cm at Whakapapa and Turoa yesterday, bases of 235cm and 285cm respectively, deep into spring.
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Snow showers here in Australia as well.
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all my snow is gone! hmph!
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If the weather Gods are kind I am going sking on Cairngorm in the morning I will have to hike but after checking out the conditions today, perfect powder up to waist depth, it will be worth it [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If the weather Gods are kind I am going sking on Cairngorm in the morning I will have to hike but after checking out the conditions today, perfect powder up to waist depth, it will be worth it [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Lat, where are you getting that info from?
Local knowledge, or is someone posting conditions on the web somewhere.
Suppose it will all be gone in a few days...
And why can't you ride up in that fancy new train thingy?
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Hi Mark, its all local knowledge I had a walk up yesterday, Also went up this morning and made some turns on very nice snow that had been quite well pisted with plenty of deep powder pockets to be found,it was snowing down to around 1500 ft with low temperatures at altitude predicted for the next few days.
The funicular is operating a closed system in that you are not allowed out of the top station until the official start of the ski season due to environmental issues, not to popular locally but keeps the tree huggers happy and seems to cater well to Cairngorms real market the blue rinsed coach parties.
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Up to 150 cm (60") in Austria .....
http://www.tiscover.at/guide/5,en/objectId,R GN7at,selectedEntry,home.html,folder,SNOWREPORT,se lElem,1,parentId,RGN7at/snowrpt.html

Originally posted by Lat57.2N:
.... not too popular locally but keeps the tree huggers happy and seems to cater well to Cairngorms real market the blue rinsed coach parties.
Take it you mean older people or is this a new cleaning method to combat foot & mouth?


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Lat - Isn't that Britain to a tee eh? You can't get the Train to the top with your skis and ski down, because of enviromental issues. But, you can walk up along side it with your skis and then ski back down... They're avin a larf innit?

DB - Thats some good early conditions for you man. Got your bases wet yet?

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Just heard that they have opened the train for limited skiing this weekend with one or two surface tows, Pity I have to work
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my dad says that colorado got creamed with snow today

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It's been snowing a bunch in Boulder. Not sure if it is making its way up into the mtns though.
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Been snowing in Aspen and Snowmass Village on and off all day...mostly on. About 5 inches in the last few days ...close to a foot on the slopes. Opening day is just under a month away. And it's already white everywhere.
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The front range in Colorado has been getting hit for a couple of days now. Not that much -- 6 inches here in Fort Collins -- but a wonderful relief after a dry summer. I've seen nice images from Snowmass and Steamboat (14 inches), but the best stats come from Colorado's powder capital (where I grew up). Two weeks ago Wolf Creek didn't know when they would open. After a couple of storms they are now opening tomorrow with these stats:

Summit Base Depth: 54 Inches
Midway Base Depth: 42 Inches
Storm Total: 34 Inches
Snowfall YTD: 70 Inches

Gotta love the San Juan Mountains. And I live on the wrong end of the state! Hopefully Eldora got something.

If you are curious: http://www.wolfcreekski.com/index.asp
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It's been snowing in Summit County for two days now. I've probably got 7 inches in my front yard.

Copper is scheduled to open Saturday;if the rumors on the news are true, maybe even Friday. They are saying they have had 3 feet this month-must be up top. Overall Summit County is right on the cusp of having a "normal" October snow month, about 14 inches. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Of course, everbody forgot how to drive in this stuff. It's kind of treacherous with the ice underneath.
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Taos got 24 inches from same storm that dumped on wolf creek. They report 30 inch base at top of chair 7. Snowfall is ahead way ahead of normal for october but they still report thanksgiving opening.
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I skied yesterday in three feet of snow!!! Ha Ha!!!
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got to love it! From todays Summit County Newspaper:

Twenty-one inches of snow fell in the past few days, said Beth Jahnigen, Copper Mountain communications coordinator.

Keystone will be next to open, on Friday, Nov. 8. Resort officials said the mountain has gotten about 16 inches of snow in the past two days.

Breckenridge, which opens Nov. 15, reported two feet of snow in the past few days.

Officials at Arapahoe Basin have set a tentative opening date of Nov. 27. The ski area recorded almost a foot of new snow Wednesday morning and another 9 inches by Thursday, with a total of 45 inches for the month.

At this time last year, A-Basin had received only 3 inches of snow, said marketing director Leigh Hierholzer.

" This is the most we've had - it's a record ," she said, adding the average snowfall for October is 19 inches. "Over the last 25 years, the closest that it's come to that record was back in '82-83, when we received 37 inches in October."

Hierholzer said employees are busy completing construction on A-Basin's new snowmaking system. It will be the first season with snowmaking - the resort received final approval for snowmaking earlier this year, after seven years of legal battle and protest. Officials hope to begin snowmaking operations within the next two weeks, she said.

"Everybody's pretty excited about all the snow," Hierholzer said.
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Skied Saturday with Ski Monkey at Alta. Hiked for the turns, well worth it.

However, soon, very soon, these lifts will be turning!

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