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I would like to get a few opinions. First off I am 5'9 160lbs,I am probably a level 5-6. I can ski all the runs here without too much trouble. I am not a real fast skiier, but i will ski alot more next year.. I just try to stay within my abilities. I live in NM, I would like to be able to ski in Colorado quite a few times also.. Trying to get a trip to whistler planned. We had a good year this year with a lot of powder days.. I had always rented, but late this year decided to buy.. When all is said and done I bought the atomic M10 puls 164, with the neox 3-10 binding, and technica diablo flame boots. I have only been able to ski these a few times, as the weather, and family needs limited the schedule.. I was not able to run these thru the powder, as most of the powder was early season when I was renting.. I do not see this setup mentioned that much. I was wondering what some of the other posters would think how this setup would work next year when I finally get to ski the decent powder. I enjoyed skiing this setup this year on the groomed, and had no problems.. My question is, is this a good setup for most of what I will be doing, or would you recommend a powder ski. If so,which ski would you recommend.. I see a lot about the Goats, and the PE, but will these work for an intermediate skiier that is still learning, and moving forward level-wise, that I can do as mentioned above. As I said above..Atomic metrons does not get mentioned that much. Is there a reason? I know they are heavy, but they come in handly when it gets torn up, as they seem to glide through pretty easy. I am open to replies, and I will probably demo some others next year.. I will also be learning how to wax, but that will be another topic.


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That ski will be excellent for you. You do not need another pair of skis, as a level 5/6 are you really going to be searching out steep and deep lines? Probably not right away, switching back and forth between different skis for different conditions will set you back...you'll start thinking you have the wrong ski all the time. It's not the ski.

When you start skiing expert terrain at speed and are searching out soft snow and terrain that is 'off the trail map' then it's time to buy a powder ski.
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