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Be Careful

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Colorado recorded it's first skier fatality of the season when a 24 year old Illinois resident hit a tree on Schoolmarm, a beginners run at Keystone. The skier was reportedly skiing at a high rate of speed and not wearing a helment.

Remember early in the season you will not be skiing with the same skill set you had at the end of last season. Additionally, early season condition can be icy.

Be cautious in your early days on skis this season. It's fun to let em roll but be aware of the potential consequences. Speed can kill.
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It is the SUDDEN STOP that kills you!

SPEED is great!


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how true. My lady and I biffed on the easy ride to Norman (at Timberline). Cruisin along and there wasn't enough snow to fill in the dips. She planted the gulley and I buried my head right behind her skis. Glad to have the helmet on but wished for something to wipe out the goggels.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ski&Golf:

Remember early in the season you will not be skiing with the same skill set you had at the end of last season. Additionally, early season condition can be icy.

Another thing to keep in mind is there often isn't the natural segregation of ability levels during the early season--everyone tends to be crammed into the same limited terrain. The result is you have beginners traversing across the slope while others are straightlining. Definitely calls for extreme caution.
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Oh, I get it this is a BRAIN BUCKET TROLL!

OK have fun!
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Is it even possible to get a full head of steam on Schoolmarm? I remember it as being the easiest trail I've ever skied... anywhere.
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Was up there on early Friday morning and it was a ZOO of people. Felt so claustrophobic that we made only a couple of runs and packed it in early. I could only imagine the congestion on Saturday.

Being a new member and from reading many of the old posts, I get the feeling that many of us feel safer on the sickest black runs, than blue/green runs early in the season.

After four seasons with it, I've become a huge fan of the brain bucket.

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Woodpile and SkiKing are right. We skied Keystone Sunday. Came down Schoolmarm once. It was scary. All sorts of folks at every level skiing every direction. :

We left at 10:30 did not want to risk it anymore.
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Was there Sunday. Didn't hit much ice myself except at the very bottom near the lifts. I too have already noted the disregard that many people were skiing with. Had to avoid several yard sales on every run down.

There are a few sections that you can generate some speed but you have to remember. You can hit something with a bare head at relatively low speeds and if you hit just right . . .

Now, I don't wear a brain bucket personally. I know I'll probably get some heat for it but I enjoy the breeze. I've also tired of this nations attempts at trying to protect people from themselves too. My god people, you can be cleaning your gutters on a ladder, fall, hit your head and die! There's one thing for sure about life, we were born to die. There will be none of us that will get out of this particular life alive! It makes us all equal!!

Just BE CAREFUL, and live life to the fullest, but always be ready to die, it will eventually happen!
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Copper was fun saturday with it's usual blue sky sunshine and good snow underfoot...But, goombahs dingbatting around like pachinko balls made me fear for my health.
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I agree with Jamedeluxe about Schoolmarm. But we were at keystone last November, and that trail gets really packed. Poor Mark got hit by a newbie snowboarder!
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Schoolmarm is like taking the Brooklyn/Queens Express Way to the Long Island Express Way; it's flat, wide open, and packed with people. At least when on the BQE to LIE run, you've got your car as protection from the other folks.
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Did Mark Mark offer the person who hit him a Linux CD? You know, that whole gift culture thang.
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The secrret of skiing schoolmarm is that when it leaves the open area and dips into the woods, don't. Go straight through the gate between the ropes and you will avoid the crowd.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SCSA:

Did Mark Mark offer the person who hit him a Linux CD? You know, that whole gift culture thang.

No, but I really should have offered him something. He was the *nicest* out-of-control boarder who ever hit me. Far better class of incompetent "never-evers" in CO than back east here.

Such a nice guy I almost didn't mind the rotator cuff injury [img]smile.gif[/img]

(except every time I wash my hair, reach for a subway strap, swim, ride a T-bar...)
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More bad news....

LOVELAND- An unconscious skier was rescued from Loveland Pass this afternoon.

The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office says rescuers reached the man shortly after 11:30 a.m. and flew him to a hospital via helicopter.

Bill Barwick of the Alpine Search and Rescue Team says the team received a rescue call around 11:15 a.m. He says the 24-year-old victim was unconscious and suffering from head injuries.

Hopefully he will recover

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