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Kostelic Retires for Good

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Janica, that is. It's on Skiracing.com, and presumably elsewhere.

In some ways not too surprising. She's awfully beaten up physically: not just the usual knees (though she's had more of that than about anyone), but the thyroid problem, too. Plus, what, is she going to win something she hasn't already won multiple times already?

On the other hand (somehow this seems hard to believe), she's only 25 years old! I'm also not sure what to make of her post-race business plan: running a beauty shop? Whatever.
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With knee and thyroid probs, not surprising, but a real loss for the sport. She's a joy to watch. Technically so sound, reads courses so well, with impeccable timing, never seems rushed. Also, recovers from the sort of mistakes that would ruin a run for other skiers and then achieves the fastest time to boot!

Gonna miss you, Babe. Love you, Janica!!!!
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Watching her and Anja match up across the disciplines was the highlight of the last few seasons for me.
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I don't exactly follow ski-racing... If it happens to be on, I'll watch it; that's about it. That said, I remember watching her in the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. GS race, about half-way down and she was smiling ear-to-ear as if she just knew that she had won. Whenever I saw Janica it looked like she was just effortless. There are very few professional athletes that make their chosen sport look easy, but Janica did.
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My knees wince just hearing about the surgeries. She was always incredible to watch. With her level of success I'd forgotten how young she is myself.
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