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Meeting Canceled...

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so I had to enjoy the 20 to 30 new inches of snow that fell today in Tahoe.

I awoke this morning knowing it had snowed 20-30 inches and that I had a 1:30 pm meeting and a bid to complete, however at 10:AM the word arrived that the due date was postponed a week. The snow was still falling and the afternoon forecast called for increasing snow. Lo and behold my brand new Burton Frontier 170 was in the car, coencidence ?

Upon my 1 [img]tongue.gif[/img]m arrival it was blowin' and snowin' with about 10 cars in the lot. Fresh tracks for three hours, the last hour I never saw or crossed another track.

After a dreadfully dry Feb it was nice to get some powder turns in [img]tongue.gif[/img].
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YESSSSSS!!! And more snow is expected on Sunday!
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