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Belleayre Friday

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Ok, I've been saying all week I'm going to head up there, but keep getting sidetracked. I will definitely be there tomorrow. Weather looks great -- high 50's, sunny. I hope to get there early and will be wearing a blue windbreaker and off-white pants.

I'm also hoping to shoot some video, so I'll have something to study during the off-season. I'm happy to shoot video of anyone's skiing in exchange for you filming some of mine.
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I'll be there. Sounds like the Tomahawk lift is running again?

How about meeting in front of the fireplace at 10:30?
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10:30 works for me. Tomahawk and high-speed quad were running today.

I'm hoping to get to the mountain at 9 if anyone wants to meet earlier as well.

Don't forget the sunblock!
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i will be there ...pink k2 phat luvs....
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Hey Skidbump,

James Deluxe, ILikeSki and I are now meeting at 9 in the lodge by the fireplace. If you can't make it then, we'll look for the Phat Luvs.
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The weather looks to be perfect and my mountains closed, so who's going to Beleayre on Saturday and/or Sunday. I'll be there with a bunch of the Hunter crowd.
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i am leaving arround 8 ish arriving 9 ish...i will look for your jacket while i am skiing

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What a day to end the season on! Great spring snow, sun, fat skis, skiing with other Bears. It just does not get any better than that!
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By the way, there is still a TON of snow up there. Everything is open. There's even a chance they'll stay open another week if enough people show up this weekend, so get on out there.

If you get a chance, check out Peekamoose. That run was outstanding today. As one of my skiing companions pointed out, it "was the titties."
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Another week? .....wife is going to kill me.
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