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Images of Jackson Hole's Limestone Arch

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Any of you who might be interested can find them (plus one photo from six weeks ago that I think is kind of cool) here:

Jackson Photos

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Thanks, great pictures. They really are a treat for someone who has never been out that way. The first one really shows off the view.

BTW, I'm real jealous of anyone who can call Jackson Hole home (I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you that). [img]smile.gif[/img] Hopefully, I'll make it to the Gathering and get to see the sights firsthand.
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The first trip my wife and I took together before we were married was to Jackson. She was really freaked because everyone told her how tough it was and how you had to be "really good" to ski there. It took 3 days to calm her down. We never did go up the tram that trip.
Five years later we were there again and she laughed as her daughters who were racers struggled to get down the bumps on Rendevous Bowl.
I understand The Rocky Mountain Oyster is no more.
It'll be interesting to see what other changes have occurred.
I remember the spring of 74 after a day at Targhee. I curled up for the night next to Denny's wood stove in his place in Wilson with a dog under each arm. That was when they still had the signs "Yonder lies Jackson Hole, the last of the old west". The next spring they had a powder dump while I was there and you could still find fresh tracks for three days.(now there's moguls on Rendevous)(back then the only bumps were on Thunder)
My friend Denny who ran the "Oyster" and the Cafe Sport at the Aspens is selling real estate in Ft Meyers Florida He had a stroke a couple years ago. No more skiing for him.
The Sojourner used to have all the pancakes you could eat for $3. Pepi was the fastest NASTAR pacesetter in the country.
Can't remember the name of the run that Corbet's empties into but I remember the big rock near the bottom where the snow blew around. I ended up upside down with my ski tips on the rock and the tails on the snow hanging from the bindings.
Enough reminising, got to get there. My wife's putting in for the time off. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
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Looks a lot like "Hole in the Wall" at Mammoth. If I had a scanner I could show you.
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Thanks Bob! I always wondered how that thing attached to the ground! How far outside of the ropes do you think that would be in wintertime with skis on?? Medium trek or longer?

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Very cool, when I read your original post I thought all that hiking for 39 turns, but after viewing the pictures the view alone was worth it. Thanks for the post, it was good to see snow again.
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When we skiing through it Bob?
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Looks a lot like "Hole in the Wall"
[Edit image at source]

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Depending on the conditions, the slope above the arch is probably a good three hours from the tram. Once you've skied it, I would say it's almost two hours to get back around to the base of the ski area. Pretty much a full-day expedition. Also, the snow conditions would have to be pretty stable because the arch itself is definitely avalanche terrain and the sportiest approach to it from above would be even more exposed. Good route-finding would be highly recommended.


Next time there's a *huge* snow year, we'll ski it on Memorial Day Weekend, which is when they re-open the tram for the summer. That's the time of year that I think it would be most stable, most accessible, and the most fun. In mid-winter snow conditions, it would be an all-day slog through deep snow for about 1500 vertical of actual skiing.

On the other hand, we could ski it during the Gathering. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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