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A heart felt thanks to all at EpicSki.

SugarCube and I are both very pleased that you, our mutual friends, joined us for a very special day at Vail, as well as through the rest of the "Let's Go Colorado" Event, and to those who couldn't attend the event who wished both of us well with your posts and Pm's.

At the close of LGC III I was presented with several gifts. An original card, made by "Don and Betsy Denver" with many pictures of attendees of the event, two gold nails and a gift card to the Home Depot. As many of you know SC and I have just started a new home on "the farm" in Kentucky. I'm presently living in a renovation project, which will serve as the temporary home till the main home is complete. A gift from the Home Depot is perfect!

I have decided (and running this by the wife right now....please PM your answer dear) that the gold nails, card and the Epic Banner with "Mogul" on it should go on display in the house. I have selected a location where you can't help but see it several times daily and plan to add a glass case to the wall to act as the display area.

That display will be a constant reminder of a special time with some special people. Nancy and I thank you all.