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Stiff or soft? Heavy or Light? Damp or Lively?

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Stiff or soft? Heavy or light? Damp or lively?

I don’t know what attributes I want in my most-days (all mountain) skis. What qualities do you like in the skis you use the most?

I like the idea of a ski being soft enough to flow through bumpy terrain. But I hate sliding when I am not purposely skidding and love carving so I want excellent edge grip which means, I think, a stiff ski.

I like the idea of a light weight ski. I certainly appreciate light skis when I have to carry them and on the lifts. But I like the ability of a heavy ski to push through crud and heavy snow.

I like the idea of a lively ski. I like the idea of dancing through the terrain and snow. But I enjoy the smoothness of a damp ski.

I prefer slalom turns to GS turns which would indicate, I think, a ski with a shorter turning radius. But I want to spend at least 50% of my time or more off piste which would suggest, I think, a ski with a longer turning radius.

Again, what qualities do you prefer in the skis you use most?
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I think you want an Atomic Snoop Daddy.
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I don't know that much (one way or the other) about the Atomic Snoop Daddy which was just advanced, but in my opinion I think you just perfectly described the Fischer AMC 76.

At least, that is how I would describe it.

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Go to Dawgcatching's spring sale thread and order one of each. You're going to need at least that many skis to keep you happy. Sort of like my wife's shoe collection (ducking).
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You asked a question that there is no answer, except for the one you give yourself.

I have a quiver. My skis are pretty similar for the most part. I know what I like. The only thing I dont like a extremely soft skis. but forgiving is ok and would call all my skis forgiving.

Huge plus for any skis I buy.

Sidewall constuction - more edge hold, simple 'feel', tougher to pull the edge away, and easy to fix if the above should happen
Wood Core - doesnt break down as quickly as foam, and it feel better to me.
Light weight - nough said
carveable at least some sort of raduis I like to be able to edge it at speed and no rotary and stilll make high g-force turns.
Flat...I hate system skis with hostage binding especailly markers - I like to put my own binding on them.

Makes I like alot

1. Volkl(freeride only) damp, smooth, powerful, skidable, easy to ski on if your aggresive, all there freeride skis float powder easier than most any other skis.
2. K2( factory skis only PE,Seth, Mde in AK) lively, snappy, good edge hold, extremely quick(yes even the fatter skis), make skiing easier. Lack top end HP.
3. Elan(all skis one of the best overall makes out there IMO) odd combination of lively yet damp, energetic, edge hold is awesome, sidewall construction, wood core, simple skis that plain work.

Ski I am on the fence about but would consider buying

Atomic - damp, edgehold is great, carves VERY easier, and edgehold again again. minuses - out of the 4 pairs of atomic I have owned every pair has had cracked edges. Foam core are light, but break down over time. MY sugar daddies didnt really float powder well.

Dynastar - love their race skis, easy to ski on but fast and great edge hold. The freeride skis are good, but the LP are not powder skis and pretty freakign demanding. The XXL floats powder nicely, but in a 194 at that flex its to much ski for me. The midfats I dont like. Never owned them so no durabilty issues I know off.

Skis I would not buy.

Salomon - foam core, cap construction, no edge hold, get tossed around very easily, my used(10 days old at purchase)1080s got soft in about 30 days. the wood core skis might be different but you will never see me on a foam core Solly again. Hey at least their boots and bindings are nice.

not listed makes i havent skied on enough to really comment on.
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Medium works for everything.

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