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Cold Prey coming your way

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Make way for the first snowboarding slasher film!


click the “Video” option to watch the trailer (yeah, it’s in Norwegian, but so what?)
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I think they may have been one or two snowboarding slasher films, but definitely low grade B movies. Not that this one might be better, but it looks slick. Good stuff dookey!
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believe it or not, they're giving it a North American premier at the San Francisco International Film Festival.
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I noticed that. I will definitely go see it when it opens at one of the Denver area independent theaters.
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So I caught this the other night at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

It was okay.

Some key points:
It is supposedly the first horror film to be made in Norway
It cost 2 Million to make.

Taking that into consideration, it was pretty darn good (i.e. Hollywood could learn something from the Norsk filmmakers since the film looked better than most 75 Million dollar horror films).

That said, storywise it followed the basic slasher blueprint to a T (group of young people--the "good" couple, the "sexy/naughty" couple, and the geeky 5th wheel dude terrorized by a masked marauder), although the acting seemed a bit better than your average H-Wood teen slasher flick.

The look of the film was great, all washed out and metallic blue tones that really captured the cold of Norway during winter.

Sadly, there wasn't a ton of boarding. Only about the first 15 minutes (and really only about 7 of that was actual riding shots) consisted of boarding related imagery. The riding didn't seem overly impressive either (not like you see in some of the TGR or Warren Miller films), but the scenery was insane! The mountains in the area where they filmed look amazing.

Several times in the film a character would put on old school Scandinavian x-c skis (with the leather bindings) but they always got hacked up before they could deliver the goods. I kept waiting to have see a serious ski chase sequence with one of the frenzied youth being hunted down by the killer and delivering some sweet tele turns or something. Sadly, never happened.

So all in all it was pretty standard except for the English subtitles (yes, the film is in Norwegian).

I talked with a Norwegian skier via TGR and he says they filmed it here:

Fritt Vilt was filmed at Leirvassbu - http://www.leirvassbu.no/
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For a slasher flick, I wouldn't really expect snowboarding to be a major part of the film. It's the medium by which the victims get into the position they are in. I think I like it better than trying to incorporate snowboarding through out the film. I still plan on checking it out once it hits D-Town.
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true, true, but still there's alwasy the requisite "chase" sequence in any slasher film, whether the killer is chasing the victims on foot, in a car or otherwise. it would have been cool to have had a snowboard chase (not to mention somewhat "revolutionary" to the genre).

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