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Loveland Sunday April 21st

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Spring skiing!! WooHoo!!

Meet by the ski school desk up at the Basin.

Be ready to ski @9:15.

CYA there!! Jim
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Saturday (21st) or Sunday (22nd)??
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Oopsie!!! SUNDAY... SUNDAY.... SUNDAY!!!

: The 22nd.

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Just came in, and there's flurries in the air. Could be pretty nice there tomorrow! I'll be home, holding the Wonder Dog's paw (she's a little under the weather)...hope everyone has a blast!
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I'll be there.....with my SNOWBOARD! I may however drop out early and go riding/clinicing with my former Loveland co-workers. I need to catch up on what everyone did all winter. If anyone wants to join a bunch of snowboard instructors, they are welcome to. We will probably just ride around and play.
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2" fresh last night! Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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