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opening daze....

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Is it me or is september the loooongest month in the whole year? I almost cant stand the wait.

Last night I put my boots on and clunked around the house in them just because i needed to feel that...(was kinda funny, I was in my jammies, too....)

anyone else loosing their minds with anticipation?
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All you have to do now is stand in a walk in freezer and your there.
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nooooooooo LindaA, you're not the only one..especially here in NewEngland. Our bright sunny days and increasingly colder nights are so nice. ...and isn't it great to see all those d..n leaves begin to fall... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've been dreaming of snow since July, when, for one day here in MN, it actually got cold enough to do so.

Don't worry Linda, I have been walking around in the boots, doing squat exercises in them, and have even clicked into my skis on occasion.

November is not far off....

I am praying for another Haloween with 3 feet of snow.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Orange? the blue really cuts the glare though...

I found that if you turn your Air conditioner on high, and full blast, and then grab your poles and goggles and "tuck" directly in front of it, It is a good simulation....

I've been loosing it all summer but its getting worse now.....
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I have pretty much limited my social interaction this time of year to skiers. My mind keeps drifting off thinking of skiing and some of the great runs I had the past season. Non-skiers get insulted when you stop paying attention to their conversation due to day-dreaming. Skiers understand.
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So comforting to know im not the only one loosing her mind...
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I like to spend as much time as I can "screeing" in the mountains, altough any good sized pile of rocks, dirt or roadbank will work.

Climb to the top, pick your line and start to run down. If it gets steep there really isn't much cahnce to stop, so you've really got to look ahead and pick your line. Besides being fun and dangerous this really enhances foot coordination/awareness. (Who remembers Survival of the Fittest Competitions?)

For those of you in the coastal NW, the central/eastern parts of the states are much less soggy and mossy, offering much better traction. The western slopes can be bruising...slugs don't offer much traction!
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Of Course your not alone LindaA. I find myself standing in the ski closet, just looking at the stuff. You know, kinda like when you just stand in front of the fridge with the door open.
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I sometimes look at my skis and think should I wax them and get them ready? knowing full well they are still tuned from the last day of the season when I do a full tune up and checkup before I put them away. I almost just want to smell the heated wax [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I don't understand why you people are only just talking about clicking in your boots now!

Are you trying to tell me you don't all wear your full ski kit while using this forum as I do? :

PS I find the orange tint ski goggles work best with the screen colours.
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I watched my Warren Miller tapes last weekend. Getting my tickets for this year's movie soon.
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Well at least we are all over our post season depression syndrome, and now have substituted that emotion with a new emotion connected with anticipation of the upcoming ski season. Very psoitve indeed.... stay focused.... it will be an early winter...the old acorn index...they have been dropping seriously from the trees since the end of July.
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Is it too early to put the Thule back on the car???

I went into a ski shop today. Mercifully, they had put away the bikes and the kayaks, but there were alot of empty racks and cardboard boxes. I stared. the proprietor asked, "what are you looking for?"

"s-s-ki st-st-uff" I said, "anything".
my throat was tight and my bottom lip was quivering.

"well, were sortof in transition right now..." he said in an understanding tone. "in a couple weeks we'll have everything out and priced"

I spied a rack with skis in it and beelined..but the proprietor anticipated my next move.
"no no! you cant have those, those are in here for tunes...they belong to people, they have homes..."
I sniffled and walked out.

this is excruciating.
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My local ski mountain, Treble Cone, NZ closed today, just getting too warm - so it must be getting closer for northern bears. Some areas are managing to make their snow last a bit longer, the extra altitude helps. Drove past a sports shop today and the ski gear has been taken out of the window and it now contains wet suits and shorts. We dropped our sis off for their end of season tune ready for our Canada trip (fingers corssed). Everything really is upside down between the north and southern hemispheres.

Some things are no different though, Sept 11 has had far reaching effects down south as well. I dropped family off at the airport today. My city is in the far south of NZ, only 120,000 population. Now to board a local domestic flight we go through a cordoned off departure lounge where all bags are searched/scanned. This has never occurred in NZ before.
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I think Wink's got a point. I agree that September seems to be the month when I really switch from thinking about last season to jonesin' about this season. Might be because, at least around here, all the shows and sales start and we start hitting all the shops and shows. Of course, once you have a few new things, goggles, poles, gloves, whatever, you just 'gotta' use 'em. That can be in front of the computer, just walking around the house or anywhere else. You also have to make sure your boots still fit,,, 20 to 30 times.

First week we went to the first sales and a friend bought new boots. We had to come back to the house and try them on again. Of course I had to try mine on also. Checkin' poles and new goggles and .........wife comes in and finds us full gear ready to make the dangerous living room drop. She's still laughing but I don't think it surprised her.

Trouble is,,,it's still not Winter. Today I'm up on the house pressure washing the roof. With that scenario we're both a little worried about me. I'll fight to keep my boots off.

I don't know though, I think October's worse. By the end of October I'm following all those NOAA radar progrssions and any other available weather info.
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Hey last year Bob I had the wife pull me around one of the pastures on skis with a horse(ski-jouring)our neighbors drove by and just stared with disbeleif. :
Those folks next door are a strange couple they thought to themselves. Of course there was over 3 feet of new snow on the ground. This year if there's enough snow(god willing)it's the barn roof. Yee-Haw!
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Just like all the rest of you, I am SOOOOO ready! I've already bought my Utah season passes, planned trips to Whistler/BC, Mammoth, Hood, possibly Fernie, etc.
Plus, I'll either be hiking to freshies in Little Cottonwood or man-made snow in the Park City area within the next 30 days.
I've never predicted a season before, but I'm doing it now: I'm calling this to be a better than average season in the Wasatch. I predict that season snowfall at the Alta/Bird LC measuring station will exceed 50 feet from November to May. Further, I predict that at least one of the Olympic events will have to be rescheduled due to too much snow.
All of this is contrary to the Farmer's Almanac, local weather forecasters, and the forecasted minor El Nino event, nonetheless, it is my prediction.
When I turn out to be right this spring, you can all send me your thanks and/or contributions....
"Skiing isn't everything, but it's right up there with oxygen."
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Hey Gang, my fist post in about a month - been really busy at work..... which to a degree helped to take y mind off of skiing... anyway...

Here is a good mental therapy for the summer month:
Every Friday night get your skis out whatever place you store them at and give them a thorough waxing job. Watch WC (or any other skiing video) while wax cools down.
Good for your skis , good for your mind.

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Teton Gravity comes to Massachusetts this week, yeehaw...Tapes and DVDs are on 24/7. I found an unexpected bonus while searching around in the basement; tapes of Nagano and Lillehammer. To watch those, you really have to get decked out in full GS suit, helmet, etc.

One of my preseason conditioning regimens that also satisfies the need for vertical, run up your favorite trail and then down it. Ski area operators don't really like the idea (what if everybody did it?) so if you get chased off, find a slide scar, scree slope or someplace where you can run downhill, glissade side to side, jump off things, etc. Don't try it when it's wet, though.
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It's great to see other skiers thinking about the upcoming season also. I set up my Skiers Edge last week and put Ellen Post Foster's tape, Skiing and the Art of Carving, on the VCR. I find this combination to work well to get the mind and body working together.
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I love her book. How is the tape?
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