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Okay I need Help - K2 Fugitives

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i have skied 1 black diamond and can handle all blue sqaures, i can paralel turn and all that. i have only been skiing 3 times so im not a total noob but i have rented every time. im planning on starting to ride park hardcore this coming season and im very close to ordering the k2 fujatives.
i should be ok with these skis right???
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Time for the usual set of advice:

You're probably gonna want boots and you should go to a boot fitter for these. Landing in a pair of boots the wrong size is nothing short of painful and dangerous.

Also before you hit the park 'hard core' it is a good idea to continue working on your skiing and balance in other aspects. You can't snow plow between jumps. Park skiing is an extension of regular skiing and you can't do one without being proficient in the other.

When you do get into the park start small. Learn to land and be in control. Don't hit the 45 foot table on your first day because you'll end up like the kid in the other thread.

Also, when posting on a forum your style represents yourself and lacking capitalization portrays the image that you might not be looking for.
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The Fujatives are an easy turning ski that take the abuse of the park. Try skiing them at higher speeds and they fall apart. At you're level they should be fine.
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First, learn to spell "parallel".

Then, learn to ski confidently and at high speed/fluidity with intelligent decision-making, often on mixed-bag terrain. get a pair of skis that will be equally at home on the hill and the park, so you don't have to fight your skis on normal terrain. (I have never skied the Fujas but if they get wacky at high speeds that's not a great-sounding description)

Then start thinking about park. ESPECIALLY figure out what speeds and heights you will be realistically capable of doing...

or you could injure yourself seriously and end up miserable. If you've been skiing three times total, you dont want to cut your experience short by being over-ambitious.
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