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Long time reader, first time poster.

I am a 36 year old 160 pound all mountain budding expert. I ski mostly at Northeast but take one trip per year out West and now started going to Europe. I need to find boots for a lightweight who will ski mostly ice steeps of Northeast while doing some moguls and getting a few off piste ski days when traveling. I would probably prefer a 100 flex.

Any suggestions?
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You should probably supply some more info about your feet. Heel narrow, medium or wide; Mid-foot narrow, medium or wide, instep high, medium or low; calves narrow medium, big etc. Then you likely will get some good suggestions about where to begin your search. A 100 flex index doesn't mean a great deal because there is no standard flex index used by the industry. It's all relative within the line of a particular manufacturer and even that can change from season to season. For example, last year's Brand X freeride model with a flex index of 100 may this season be described as having a flex index of 110 when it is exactly the same boot with maybe a color change.

Brand Y's Freeride model with a flex index of 110 may be stiffer or softer than Brand X's model with a flex index of 110. The industry seems to be moving closer toward a standard but I don't think that it's there yet. If you plan to do a lot of mogul skiing you likely want a boot with a progressive flex that is not too stiff. OTOH, a stiffer boot could be helpful on icy steeps depending on your ability. If you have the foot for it maybe a Full-Tilt Flexon or Dalbello Kypton with interchangeable tongues of various stiffnesses could work for you.
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