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Hi guys. I hope that somebody could help me with
choosing my next pair of ski boots. Most recently
I have used Salomon XWave 10.0. I would say that
the boot fits me well in terms of forefoot, heel pocket,
calves. My only complaint is the instep which is
not terrible, but definitely less than perfect.
Reading the specialized literature, it seems like the Worldcup
M103 could be a little bit better for me than my current XWave
10 model. But I developed a little bit of dis-trust for all
reviews as they never provide key measurements of the testers'
feet (ratio width lenght, ratio heel circumference/lenght and
so on). Have you had a chance to work on the new Head WorldCup
M103? How would you compare them to the Salomon XWave 10? Do
they have about the same ramp angle?
Very few places carry this model of Head ski boots and probably
will have to buy them on a trip to Colorado. It would help
if you could give me some advice to narrow my choice.
Thank you in advance for your kindness,


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