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Looking for boot advice

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I live in an area with very little skiboots are sold, so going to a store and try all the expensive models on isn't an option because noone carries them.

I'm currently using nordica easy move 12. The reason I bought it is it was the only boot that didn't kill my cuffs (or what you call them - the muscle on the backside of the calves) because they're so big. My cuffs start aching really badly after a while though, it's like they're not getting enough blood The rest of the boot fits just fine.

What I'm looking for is advice for a more comfortable (for me) boot, where my cuffs could get some more space.
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You probably have a short calf attachment. Big calves= tight calves. A heel lift will help lift the calf out of the boot and increase circulation by increasing blood flow. Will help with boot selection.

You welcome.

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A heel lift also increases ramp angle which may or may not be a good thing for your skiing.

Anyone recommend brans that are known for a more generous cuff/ calf dimension?
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You might wanna try to get someone to work on that back cuff = blown out? a bit...if possible.

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Another thing to check is whether the boots have a spoiler (i.e., an extra plastic piece attached at the the top/rear of the cuff. This component can often be removed to create more space for your aching calves.
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Thanks for the advice guys. I know I've seen Fischer Somas have the option of adjusting "a cuff piece". Anyone know of others?

I'm looking at the salomon xwave 10 at online auctions thinking it can't be worse than the one I have now, but a little stiffer and hopefully overall more comfortable. Anyone with "big cuffs" using these and able to recommend (or tell me to stay away)?
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if you boots are too big in the foot, they will be too big/tall in height too,

a smaller size, usually, will feel better on the calf too.
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Some of the other Nordica models have micro-adjustable buckles and a removable spoiler. I have the same problem: Snowcovers in Whistler put in a heel lifter and also punched some extra room at the ankle bone and also near the sixth toe area. The boots now fit like a dream. Mine are Nordica Beasts.
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I've bought a pair of new boots online, it'll be interesting to compare those to the easy move 12s. I'll keep in mind the advice to raise the heel, if the instep on the boot is high enough it might at least improve wearing comfort. Won't happen this side of the summer though, next sundays skiing will mark the end of this season for me.
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