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Deer Valley in March

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Can the locals please tell me how the crowds are the first week of March? Is it Spring Break yet?

We are used to going in January when it's dead but the thought came up to maybe going the first week of March. Easter isn't until the end of the month, so that isn't an issue.
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It will likely be more busy than January but not too bad. Except on the busiest days, avoiding crowds at Deer Valley usually requires limiting your skiing on Flagstaff Mountain (particularly Northside Express) to early or late in the day.
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I ski at Deer Valley 30-35 days a year and the only trouble with crowds is 3 or 4 days around Xmas and MLK. Otherwise it's never a problem. They limit their lift ticket sales unlike most resorts.
Btw I'm looking for a some new skis for Deer Valley. Help me out in the thread in my sig please. Thanks!
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