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A-Basin 29th and May 1? - Page 2

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What are the plans for tomorrow? Is anyone driving up from Denver? A Basin or Loveland?
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I think it's A-basin, 9:30 upstairs.

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A-Basin was a mob scene today--well, at least the parking lot was! Thanks to Gary, Bruce, and Ernie for hanging with me. The snow was pretty good this morning, and the vibe is unbeatable. Ah, springtime at the Beach!
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..that I missed everyone. I got a late start and didn't arrive until 10:00. I looked around but didn't spot any of you (at least the ones that I knew)- it was pretty crowded, although the slopes were not really overcrowded. A beautiful day in the mountains. Is anyone planning on skiing Tuesday?

Did anyone hear of the outcome of the avy at Loveland Pass? About 2:00 a Flight for Life heli landed at that big flat area at the base of the East Wall and a bunch of patrollers and a dog got on. I asked a patroller what was going on and he said that there was a wet slab release up on the pass and they suspected at least several people were buried. As I drove home over the pass there were the usual groups of teenagers on boards and twin tips but no avy gear (not to mention no avy awareness that wet slab releases were likely in the afternoon with today's weather and a big one visible right on the divide) dropping in from Loveland summit.
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Sorry we missed you too! This is all I found on the avalanche. No one injured. http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=69000
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Originally Posted by dp View Post
..Is anyone planning on skiing Tuesday?
Yes, Betsy and I plan to use the 241 coupon at Loveland. This may also represent our last day sliding this season.
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