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A question (Fat Skis)

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I've been lurking here all winter and finally decided to join in.

My husband and I bought a seasons pass for Whistler Blackcomb this year and have skid more this year than in previous years. About 27 times for me, and its not over. It would have been more if it weren't for the bad snow year here!

In 2001 I bought Volkl G3's and they changed my skiing! I was stable! I could go fast!

I never liked to cruise because I never felt stable but have always been an ok intermediate/advanced skier that liked moguls, steeps and all the terrain Whistler has to offer, if they weren't icy.

Last December we took the Dave Murray Ski Course. Wow. I now enjoy hard icy conditions... Good thing considering that was in abundance this year. I really learned how to ski the shaped skis and my ability really improved!

Now I'm considering my next addition to the Quiver.

I'm 5"9', 150lbs.

I need FAT Skiis!

I'm considering the Rossignal Bandit XXX.

I was told the Volkl Explosiv may be too stiff for me, The Head Monsters were another option. I demoed the Bandit XXX's and really liked them. Very different from the Volkl's... I'd like to demo the Head Monsters.

Will the B3's be different that the Bandit XXX?


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This is my thought; not opinion and not advice. I ski on Head skis, not a whole lot different than the Monsters in many respects. Head makes one of the best skis for ice and stability. Their new lineup also tends to be heavier than many other manufacturers. You might consider this when considering this ski.

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What do you want the skis to do for you? What is 'Fat' these days? If 'Fat' refers to a ski like the Atomic Big Daddy at 107mm waist, then almost everything else is narrow. If you could rephrase your question with a few other specifics other than ability and personal info, then a recommendation can be made.
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There's a reason the Bandit XX and XXX are so popular. They're the best.

I second getting more info from you on what you want these skis for. Will they truly be a dedicated powder ski, or an all mountain ski.

Next year's Bandit XX and XXX, to be called the B2 and B3 are exceptional skis. I've skied them both. The B2 is 3 mm wider at the tip and tail and 2 at the waist. The result? A little more sidecut, about an 18m turning radius, and simply great powder performance. But, you don't lose much, hardly anything on the groomed, or hardpack. I skied them in Vail in 24in new and they were sensational in the untracked or the crud. The following week I had them in the east on some very hardpack/icy conditions. Frankly, I was worried about them but they proved to be fabulous there too.

The B3 next year is also a little wider, but it has LESS sidecut. They felt it was a bit too turny for the powder. I'd only get it if you really want a dedicated powder ski. Otherwise, I'd demo the new B2. You'll probably buy it.

Head has been resurrected from the dead. Virually gone from the scene a few years ago they are now making some nice skis.

Hope this helps.

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I would like a fatter ski for powder and crud. Especially on those coastal 0oC powder days.

My Volkl G3's are great cruising and all mountain skis, so I need something to complement.

I've heard the Head Monster iM 85 are good in heavy crud and powder but they may be too stiff for me. I really should demo them at the next opportunity. What's up with 'Intellifibers'??? how long does it last in a ski?

So the Bandit XXX and the B3 will be very different then?

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