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Things to buy this year

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I had another birthday yesterday and I think I am going to bite the ego bullet and break down and buy some OFSEI (Old fart skiing enhancement items).

First off is a good pair of suspenders to keep the goretex reasonably covering my backside in most situations. Probably red wadder suspenders would be about right.

The second item is a new pair of glasses but the decisions here are much harder. I can't see a da-gone thing up close without at least a 2.0 magnification. The problem is that I now have a 1.25 on the bottom and that has really screwed up the vision at times when doing big moguls or skiing close behind someone. Seems that when the mogul or person is half in the lower part of the glasses and half in the upper part of the glasses the eye foot coordination stuff gets a bit dicey. Anybody have that problem with the soft line bi's? Sure cures a person from looking down at their feet eh.

Some toe warmers might not be a bad idea either. Seems like my toes get colder than they use too.

Da-gone, how'd I end up in this state anyways : [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Pierre eh!:
...First off is a good pair of suspenders to keep the goretex reasonably covering my backside in most situations. Probably red wadder suspenders would be about right....

I've been using Schoeller "bibs" for many years for that very reason. They're more like higher-rising ski pants with suspenders on them--I never get snow down my back anymore.
So what if someone makes a silly comment about your bibs once in a while. You can pay 'em back by kicking their butt on the mountain.
If you're gonna pay $30 bucks for suspenders and still get snow down your back, why not pay $80 for Schoeller's and permanently fix the problem?
"Inching closer to the metric system"
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Hey, Pierre, eh!, wait until you need TRIFOCALS. Then whatever you're looking at has three levels of magnification.

I don't think the hidden line bifocals will eliminate the circumstances you describe.

A friend of mine who just never could get used to skiing with a multi-focal lens got whatever lens was his general vision prescription set up for his skiing and then carries a pair of reading glasses. When he forgets those (that'll be your next problem: forgetting the suspenders to go on your pants or forgetting your boots because you remembered the suspenders), he puts the overview lenses on his forehead and squints like mad at trail maps, etc.

Oh, yeah, and thanks for another excuse for not killing my knees in the bumps.
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The hidden line bi-focals make it necessary to turn your head in the direction you want to see. The first time I wore mine(long ago), I saw the full moon out of the corner of my eye as football shaped. I wear contacts and carry reading glasses(or, get someone to hold things about 3 feet away)

Anyways, welcome to The Old F@rts Club
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I have trouble wearing contacts as I have astigmatisms oposite in both eyes as well as sensitive eyes. I have worn a pair of regular glasses and put the reading glasses on over them when I need them but people kinda gawk at me to much with two pairs of glasses on. My daughter hides under the table when I do that in public eh'
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Pierre is never gonna spring for Schoeller anything. He's more your Carhart and orange hunting cap kinda guy. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Pierre, I'd suggest you look at the Helly Hansen line of fisherman slickers. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Gonna bring those tele's to Utah? Since I know you won't use them I figure I could give them the life they're intended for. At least for a few days.

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The problem is that I now have a 1.25 on the bottom and that has really screwed up the vision at times when doing big moguls or skiing close behind someone.
Ah, now I know why you hit me when we were skiing at Breck last Spring. :
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Try some Gingko Biloba for the cold feet - it will help with memory problems too...
Oh & please remember cotton = cold!

Can't help with the eyes...

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Yea, take some Gingko. Maybe you'll remember who hooked you up at Copper last season. Geez, not even a beer to help me wash those comps away. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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BTW, who won that ridiculous contest between you and Paul. You know, who was the better skier? I never got to see the carnage myself.
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Pinhead, if you will be in Utah I will buy you that beer and more eh! Many thanks for hooking me up. Don't write me off on the tele just yet. My plans are for tele out in Utah.
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Speak to your nearest Oakley dealer. Their Rx range is available for most of their glasses, and they may be able to sort you out.

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When the weather is cruddy, I wear my progressive bifocals and goggles.

When it isn't, I have prescription shades, but single vision for distance only. I don't read trail maps with them on. Some concessions have to be made somewhere! It's like skiing blind sometimes.
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I wear bifocal contact lenses. They're just like being normal [is THAT an odd feeling!]
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But the question was what am I BUYING this year. Well, I pretty much have all the equipment I need, so . . . better skills came to mind. I've already mailed in my enrollment form and check to the EpicSki Academy, bought my airline ticket, and reserved my lodging.
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Might I suggest having corrective surgery and forgoing the glasses alltogether. i have always had (and still have) good vision, but many of my friends have had the operation with great success. More expensive than a new pair of glasses, but a heck of lot more convenient too.
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What I'm buying this year other than the annual ski replacement is a parka that isn't a ski school uniform. In the last 30 years, I've only purchased one parka and ski pant set that wasn't a ski school uniform, and the last one I bought was when I could still wear a pant with a 34 waist (must have been a dozen years ago). So I'm going to get some sort of waterproof breatheable shell I can layer under as needed. Is Patagonia any good?
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Well, you definitly need the suspenders. I've skied behind you before, and it ain't pretty, huh Bears? Some nice waterproof bibs would help. Contact lenses will help if you can wear them. I had to switch about ten years ago. I'm not buying anything for a while till the demo van shows up and I can try some things out. Drop me an email sometime will ya?
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Trifocals, bumps that bulge, 2" wide red suspenders, builders bum crack ..... mmm sounds like you should invest in a rocking chair and a good supply of whittling timber

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Don't forget the kidney belt. You never know when a bump's going to jump up and slap you around.
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i will pay special attention to bumps with two red stripes


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