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What would you choose?

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Next year I am debating wheter to go to Utah and ski The Canyons, Alta, and Snowbird, or go to Jackson Hole and ski Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee. I went to Utah two years ago and loved it but I always like to try new things. I am hesitant about the snow conditions at Jackson (i'll be going feb. 19-26). I heard that if Jackson hasn't gotten much recent snowfall it can be a ridiculous mountain to get down. I realize that utahs snowfall is more dependable but I've always wanted to ski the tetons. I like to ski powder in open bowls, some trees, some groomers, I can ski basically any trail in the east. With that said can you give me the pros and cons about each trip.

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i asked exactly the same question in my post alta , snowbird or grand targhee a couple of days ago. I got loads of great feedback you should give it a read - grand targhee won by the way
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oh thanks, yea grand targhee looks awesome.
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If you want to try something new, go to Jackson/Targhee. The snow is usually pretty dependable that time of year and there should be plenty of base by that point of the season. Targhee gets about the same snowfall as Alta/Snowbird and is a great place for a lot of open, stress free powder skiing. I am not as fond of the place if there has not been recent snowfall. Jackson get a little less snowfall (but still a lot) and has a lot of high stress terrain. It is obviously best suited to those who like a challenge. You need to ski it at least once for the experience (and I'll bet you return).
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