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More trouble in the ski industry.

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This was posted in todays Denver Post. I thought I would share with you folks. http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,...111768,00.html

You may want to hold off on purchases until you know how long the warrenty is going to last. Ask any Iggy buyer how good there 3 year warrenty is now.
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Before someone decides to hold off on a purchase over concern that Volant may not be around to honor its warranty they may wish to consider this: What chance would any struggling company have to survive if buying decisions were made on soley on this basis?

I don't know much about Volant skis but the number of defective skis manufactured in the ski industry is very small compared to the total number produced. Warranties are often honored by ski makers more as an act of good will on the company's part than because of any actual design or manufacturing defect.

I wish Volant the very best because it represents an additional choice in the marketplace.<FONT size="1">

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Cash flow problems are not so much a result of any explosive growth in this case I believe. It comes from having a manufacturing process that is too expensive and a profit margin that is too small. That is the way it was when I worked there over 2 years, and from my understanding, that is the way things are now. You may think what you want, I do think that they will continue for some time, but a company can not survive forever without turning profits. There was a slogan in 1998 in the factory about making history in that year. That history was about turning the first profit. It did not happen, and still has not happened since. I still ski their products and I really like them, It is just that I have not this type of warning sign from the company in the 6 years that I have been tracking them. I am also concerned for the friends that I have that are still there, It is a tough job market and I know how commited they are to working for Volant.
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What do you think about their decision to purchase Yeti? At the time it seemed like a bad idea to me. Do you thinnk that it is hurting them. Idealy it would help their cashflow situation because the product cycles are opposite. Of course if neither company can turn a profit...
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The Yeti thing is interesting. They were looking to diversify there revenue stream at the time and many companies from the bike industry were discussed. I feel bad for Yeti in that it is an excellent product and Volant may bring them down the same way they did with Aggression and Limited Snowboards. I left prior to the Yeti aquisition so I am not that farmilair with the structure since they took them over. I do know that a few of the engineers that were into cycling did make the move from Volant to Yeti.
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It would be a bummer to lose another US company.
Although I have never been a big fan of their skis, I have always dug the company. Employing Habk Kashiwa, supporting Shane McConkey from the get go & his mom. They are based where their users are & have done a great job. My dad loves his t-3s. I hope this is a small speed bump.
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Big diff. between the Igneous warranty situation and that of Volant. To my knowledge, most Volants are sold retail; while all Igs were direct via phone or computer. If I had a pair of new Volants with a problem (which I don't), and the manufacturer went down, I'd still have a retailer to look to.

Also, believe me, most Ig. owners aren't laying awake at night wondering if their Ig.s will last 3 years.
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Here is the latest in on the situation. http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,...116462,00.html
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