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2008 Elan Wave Spice

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Me: 40 year old advanced recreational, Female skier, 5'6" 126 lbs

Ski: 2008 Elan Wave Spice, 160 cm, sidecut 126/80/109, R 13.4

Flex: Stiff, burly ski

I first tried this ski at Kton during BumpPhest and, though I liked it on the terrain that wasn't bumped up, I didn't find this ski happy in the bumps at all which is not surprising because that is not really what it is made to do.

All of the local ski hills here in Michigan have been closed, but the recent snow storms allowed Boyne Highlands to open up for the weekend for a Big Air Contest they had cancelled, which also allowed a few of us to ski some limited terrain for one last hooray!

Spring like, firm groomed for the first hour or two but softening to almost slush conditions by day's end.
After reading the literature on these skis, I was eager to click in and get these out for a real chance to see what they had to offer. They are the womens' Specific version of the Elan Magfire 12, and are being described at a Substantial Women Specific Ski.
They were not wrong. This ski performed very well on the firm groomed snow in the early morning and carried me through the afternoon crud, busting through anything in its path. There was little that this ski couldn't handle. I was skiing with a few guys who were willing to try it out and give their impression, and both were surprised at how well the Elan Wave Spice held up under their weight and power carves in the spring crud. I wouldn't be surprised if either/both of these guys check out the Elan Magfire in the upcoming season.

Rating on a scale of 1-5
Short turns: 4
Medium turns: 5
Long turns: 5+
Rebound: 4
Stability: 5
Forgiveness: 5
Grip: 4
Crud: 5+
Over all impression: 5+
The tested length was perfect for me at 126 lbs, but both of the guys said they would go for something more in the 170-175 ish range.
The side cut is definitely not a carver cut but perfect for the type of ski that it is.
If you're an advanced female skier looking for something that will let you conquer the mountain. The Elan Wave spice is definitely worth a try!
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its got liquid hot magna.

Great Review TC and I am curious on whether or not the wavy elans actually work for me.
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All the Wave skis I've seen look like the bindings are waaaay forward.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
All the Wave skis I've seen look like the bindings are waaaay forward.
If you look in this picture, it gives a good idea of binding placement on the Wave Spice, which is slightly forward compared to the Magfire 12.

I was happy to have the slightly forward mount for the spring conditions I was skiing, but wouldn't mind a Center mount for day to day.

I think the speed waves have a bit more of a forward mount, but I don't think the magfires do.

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