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Concerning the polls regarding skiing magazines, I subscribe to three, Ski/Skiing [ same publisher and same location, Boulder,Co.]and SkiCanada. Being a midwesterner, I once in awhile buy "Powder."

I do miss "Snow Country "[ especially Jackson Hogen's annual equipment tests and reviews they really helped you develop that short list of stuff to demo, but he now writes for Ski] and "Inside Tracks," which went defunct with about 30 of my unused subscription dollars, with no refund insight.This is the only time I have ever really been "pissed off" with "IT" for any reason!!

Frankly, I think you need to use all of them. If it is to scope out equipment "demo" possibilities, it is a good starting point, but we [ who are regular participants on this website] know there is no substitute for actually experiencing the equipment before you invest in it.
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I subscribe to skiing and powder, and sometimes buy ski. I need em to get my fix, or I'd go into withdrawal or something. And I love the atomic ads in the latest issues [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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On again, off again subscriber.

I usually pick 'em up at the bookstore, favourites being Ski Canada, Ski, Skiing and occasionally Powder (when there are articles of interest to me - i.e. their great Nelson/Whitewater articles a season ago).

I find that putting on my ski clothes and reading 'em outside in the snow during Oct. and Nov. (while BBQ'ing) really gets my juices flowing!
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