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Alyeska in early May

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Hey y'all,

I'm considering a late season trip to Alyeska this year - the first weekend in May, to be specific. How is the skiing there this time of year? Will lots be open? I know (obv) to expect spring conditions, which is fine.... Let me know!
Thanks for your help!
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PM Akturnburn on TGR for current conditions, he skis Alyeska a lot. I've skied there in April and it was good. If the North Face is open your golden and you can do laps on the Tram. If not chair 6 is pretty decent.
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Forget about the first weekend in May - Alyeska is closed that weekend.

This is the last week of 7-day skiing, then they go to weekends (Saturday and Sunday ONLY) through Memorial Day weekend.

But, May 5 & 6 - closed. They always close the first weekend in May, at least that's what patrol told me last year, and is what they are reporting on the web site & the daily ski reports as of now.

The rest of the weekends in May, open Sat & Sun 11-5. Chair 6 only. No outer areas. High Traverse is already closed for the season, and this weekend is the last weekend for North Face. No lower mountain either, just the top 1400'.

The ski school & ski rentals at the ski area are typically closed as well by the end of April/beginning of May. I'm not sure where you could get rentals (maybe World Cup is still open? Or someplace in Anchorage?) if you needed equipment.

The spring skiing is fun, I won't deny it, but I wouldn't make a trip up here just for that, given the limited terrain and hours open in May. If you happen to be coming up to visit AK & want to hit the ski area, great, but I wouldn't recommend a special trip just for skiing the resort this time of year.
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B40 is spot on with advice about May skiing.
The Alyeska website says they will be closed the first weekend of May. This is traditionally when they do maintenance to get the tram ready for summer tourist usage.
After that, it is weekends only as long as the snow lasts. Last year we skied on June 4th. The website says this year through May 27th, weather permitting.
Skiing in May is a kick in the pants. Beautiful snowcovered alpine scenery, while looking down on a green valley floor. And, if the sun shines, the feeling cannot be beat.
But it could rain. And the snow is always dirty/sticky. Lots of folks wax with Lemon Pledge every day, just to keep sliding.
Great fun for locals or people who are coming to AK anyway. Not sure it's worth a special trip. For that, I'd recommend March or early April.
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