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Binding Position on Sweet Fat Thang - Help!

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Hey -

Need advice on mounting bindings on my brand new Head Sweet Fat Thangs. The sticks are 166 and the bindings are Salomon Z12 Ti. I am 19, 5'6", 125 pounds, and I ski the mountain spending almost no time in the parks . . . I mostly ski in Western, NY but make a trip out West to Utah or Colorado once a year for a week. When out West I am in the trees, on the steeps and hunting the pow.

So, I see discussions about mounting +1, +2. etc. I assume this means 1 cm, 2cm, etc. farther back on the ski than recommended by the manufacturer? Right? This is done for what reason?

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+ means forward of the mark, - would mean going back. There could be a number of reasons for deviating from the manufacturer's midsole mark depending on the ski, the skier, and the type of skiing.

For general all-mountain use, a lot of people try to line up their ball of foot (BOF) over the ski sidecut center. For this you need to find and mark BOF on the boot, find and mark sidecut center on the ski, and line up the marks. There is a lot of info on this site discussing that.

For powder, you'd generally want to go back from this all-mtn BOF position by 1-2cm, perhaps more.

Park riders like to go + on the ski for better balance when doing tricks. They may go farther forward than BOF, nearly centered on the ski.

Any of these positions are independent of the ski's midsole mark, which the manufacturer locates based on the ski type and an average boot sole length. But when we find the BOF/etc positions, we talk about putting the boot midsole +X (or maybe -X) from the manufacturer's mark.

Anyways, unless you have a reason to deviate from the manufacturer's mark, I would just stick to that. Moving +/- requires some sort of a purpose/plan or experience/advice.
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BTW, I put the same bindings on my PEs and made a paper hole template -- if you happen to need that, PM me. I can send you a PDF file.
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Sweet Fat Thangs

Skier210 - Thanks. Very clear and very helpful stuff. A.
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hi, i'm also looking to mount my Sweet Fat Thangs, and I was going to mount it 1.5 cm back as per recommendations elsewhere on this forum


But the guy in the shop said the factory mark on my skis wasn't center and that I shouldn't mount them back.

hmm... should I insist? Or am I confused?
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