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Motor Racing Schools

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The wife has decided she would really like to go to a racing school, for a 'civilian' racing course. Two or three days, in open wheel cars, no intention of becoming a professional driver. She's 53, a very competent and 'assertive' driver, and just wants to drive fast, in a controlled environment.

There's Alan Berg Racing here in Calgary (and other locations) and I've looked up Bob Bondurant, because I've heard the name somewhere along the line.

But I don't really know too much about the market, and would really like to get her into a good, safe and 'fun' program. Does anyone have any personal knowledge or recommendations for a driving school in the west? I'm open to anywhere in the western provinces or states, figuring we can make a bit of a vacation out of the whole thing. (Plus, if I do this, maybe I can talk her into next year's ESA).

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Skip Barber Racing Schools .... lots of locations
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Skip Barber Racing Schools .... lots of locations
Highly recommend. I've done the 3-day Racing School and the 2-day Advanced Racing School. Both are in Formula Dodge openwheel cars. The 3-day school uses a car with an un-synchronized 4-speed tranny, for three day, you get a sequential box, wings and slicks.
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Guys - Thanks a bunch. The website looks great, and a visit to California looks like it could be fun.

Hopefully she won't take it too much to heart, on the streets here.

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This is the one I've always wanted to do...

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