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A lot of the younger skis light up all over the place, in the chair, on the slopes. Pot on the hill seems to go more with the boarders (younger crowd).

No problem with it. They ask if they can fire up, polite. Harmless.

The folks having beers at lunch or who bring them to drink before going up are more dangerous on the slopes from a biological standpoint, aggressive and lessened physical control are bad combo.
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In my experience, the these are two quite separate issues: skiing irresponsibly and skiing stoned.  I can recall being with folk who were stoned and responsible, despite being stoned, and I can also recall seeing many irresponsible skiers and boarders on the hill.


For what it's worth, I've seen far more drunks that were irresponsible and reckless when past a certerain point than I have seen stoners.  Folks high on pot tend to care about other people just as much if not more than when they are sober, at least the people I've come across.  Folks who are blind drunk don't give a damn about anything.

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10 years ago you bet we were smoking and riding...Haven't smoked for 7 years now, wife kids dog suberbia.

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You don't think that posting the same story on multiply threads is a little over the top. Being drunk and drinking responsibly are different. Irresponsible people are not always intoxicated. Relax you'll enjoy life more.

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Originally Posted by Sugar View Post

Gonz is right - depressant. You might feel stimulated but that's not what's actually happening. Besides if you're smoking it you're stoned so what do you REALLY know? Do you feel stimulated? Is someone watching you? What was that? Hee hee.



Just to clarify.. haven't gone through this whole thread.. but weed is a stimulant.  Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is a depressant as it slows down your heart-rate.  Weed actually increases heart rate.  Not to say there aren't adverse effects.

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Old goat is a brasher and a troll. No reason to beat up on people because you presonally don't agree. It is possible at this site is made up of adolescent stoners, but I don't buy it. Drinking and being stoned while skiing should land you in jail. Colorado does not allow stoners on the slopes. If you're busted, you are going down a costly legal road. Trolls are the people who cme back out of the shadows of boards like this and bash people into leaving. I'm. No troll. You are.

OK you've convinced me you're not a troll.  Which leaves the other possibility.

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