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WTT: Mantra 177 w/ Marker 1200 Titanium

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Would like to trade my Mantra's.
These are perfect. Bought a year ago, less than 10 days. Bases are nearly perfect, edges nearly perfect, tops very nearly so. Just some minor scratches on each.

Changing direction in my quiver. Looking for:

180+ cm big mountain ski w/ bindings. Should be in good shape.


Great carving ski. Have M:11's in 172, but ice performance is lacking. Perhaps a B5 or sx b5, but open to suggestions for good firm snow 12-18m radius ski and binders.

I'm an ex instructor/racer pretty hard charging 45 year old skier. Looking for something that can keep up.

Let me know what you have! Thanks.
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Mantra trade for Carving ski (+$$$)

I've been looking to get into some mantra 177s.

No big skis for you right now, but I do have '05 Atomic SX:10' puls-ti's 170cm, with neox 4:12 binders. Their tip & tail are slightly wider than Atomic's current sx10 (not at present certain of the exact specs), but still have a 68mm waist and 15m radius.

I bought them new, and they've proven really versatile considering how narrow they are--they've held their own charging steeps and chutes at Baker, Mammoth, and Tahoe, etc. But frontside skiing is a really a no brainer for these skis. They carve very well (almost feeling like they gain speed through turns) and will pop on moguls (as well as I can ski them anyhow). I only want to get something else as I've started to venture more into sidecountry and need something bigger/wider.

Bases have been well maintained. Only needed ptex for 1 spot underfoot that didn't go down too deep, and is unnoticable since repairing. Tops are "good"--only a few 1-2cm digs when brand new edges sliced into the fiberglass (superficial damage and unnoticable on snow). Bindings were bought new and have only cosmetic scratches on rear lateral walls.

I know the resale value of these and we could talk about a cash payment to cover the value differences if you're interested.

Hope to hear from you.
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Thanks for the kind offer, but that's not going to be quite enough ski. I do appreciate the offer.
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Is your mantra the 2006-2007 model with the red top sheet?
I have a Nordica Topfuel at 170 with XBS binding, extremely stable at high speed and good on both hard and soft snow. Let me know if you are interested.
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What boot length are your bindings mounted to those Mantra's? One set of original holes in them I presume?
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