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Jackson Hole
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Gerathlete1, !
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gerathlete 1 - The Highst point in the Dolomites is the Marmolada at 11,022 feet. However, most of the resorts have bases around 4500' to 5500' and top out at around 8000' to 9000'. For someone who lives at 8000 feet, this is kinda low. We were ther in early March, and there was like two foot manmade base. There is something wrong with a ski area that only has two feet of snow in March. At home, we always have 10 feet of snow that time of year. I really would like to ski the Dolomites on a good snow year, I bet it would be awesome, but one resort for the rest of my life? Now way, I could never settle for a resort that could have no natural snow in March. Honestly, living in Mammoth spoils me, whenever I leave to ski somewhere else, the skiing at home is always better. Of course, it is nice to travel, and ski new places, but for quality of skiing, day in day out, Mammoth rules. Don't belive it? Come visit, you will.
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Well, lets see what the criteria for that perfect ski season for me would be.

-- First is the snow quality. If this is going to be something special, I want a place where that superlight fluffy stuff is the norm rather that an accident. This narrows it down to either places that are very high in altitude or places that are quite high in latitude.

-- Second is available terrain. I would want to live in an area with plenty of varied terrain and lots of options. Not all the same mind you. Maybe some places that are not too well developed mixed in with some places that are as well developed as any other tourist traps. This terrrain should all be within two hours of the place that I am going to spend my nights.

-- Third is the people I am going to ski and live around. Since I am a Texan, I would probably prefer a place where English is commonly spoken and the lifestyle is a bit conservative but not oppressive to opposing viewpoints. A friendly community with a college or university would be a nice place to 'lay over' after each day of skiing.

-- Fourth is the country that it is in. I would prefer to live in a country that treats me as though I am free. Not some place where a minor incident might land me in a situation that I don't understand and the only appropriate way to deal with the difference of opinions is through the U.S. Embassy.

-- Fifth is the available infrastructure in the community. I don't think a season would be too much fun if all of the conveniences of home were not readily at hand.

--- Well, I sure hope someone can suggest another place than what I have in mind here, but the only place that I have run across that fulfills these wishes is Banff, Canada. : [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Probably would be Vail, simply for all the variety, Back bowls and all the different runs, one may never get bored. Alot of bars for apre ski too.
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Same one I chose this year.
noone should need to think it is there last day.
live em all like they are.
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