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stockli vs fischer

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Hi, I'm 5' 9", 152 pounds, just turned 50, level 8. I mainly ski bowls, chutes & trees. Not into going real fast, but love it steep, bumpy and technical. My home hill is Breck or A basin. Off the Tbar, whales tail chutes or the palavacini lift is where I ski. I've recently been skiing volkl 724 pros 170cm (replaced my volkl motions 177cm) for all around and a pair of dynastar 8800 169cm for powder & trees. I just found an old beat up pair of stockli xl 174cm and absolutely loved them in all conditions & all terrain. I'm now looking for a good closeout deal. Before I spend the $$$ for a new stockli I wonder about fischer skis.
Can anyone tell me how a fischer amc 79, an rx8 or the new cold heat would compare to a stockli xl?.
I like my pros but they are a bit stiff. I like the 8800 but they are a bit chattery in the crud. The stocklis seem to be a perfect in between. I've demoed some heads but they didn't feel lively enough. I've also demoed the dynaster 8000, good all around ski but it just didn't feel like me.
I guess I ski long for my size compared to what I read about new skiers, I feel shorter skis are to quick turning for all day use and I like the crud hold/busting ability of a longer length. Yes, I tend to drift back into old school style but I can ski modern. As far as I know the XL only comes in a 164 or 174 length for me. I think the 164 could be to short.
Anyway, enough about me, Thanks for any input on fischer vs stockli.
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I think stockli makes great skis . I know where there is a pair of the XL offroads in a 174 ( the blue and red skis ) for 500.00 brand new .
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Volk v. Fischer

I can't compare the Stockli and Fischer, but can offer you a comparison between your Volk 724 and the Fischer RX8.

I am a level 7/8 eastern skier. I have the 724 at 170 and the RX8 at 165. The RX8 is a reasonably stiff ski that you need to stay on top of but very manageable for your skill level. I personally have found them to be a more manageable ski than the 724, partly on account of the stiffness, but I think it is more the shorter radius has afforded me so much more control on our hard-pack that I am much more confident on the RX8.

From my experience I think you will find the RX8 kick ass ski for the steeps and chutes. I actually like mine in the bumps as they are quick, but I must admit they can tire you out with their stiffness while skiing bumps. I noticed their stiffness skiing bumps and bowls all day when I spent a week in Whistler this season.

The RX8 is a great all round ski, including in the bumps, but I would rate it as a 70/30 front-side/backside ski..

Hope theis helps. I am looking at replacing my 724s with a softer flex all mountain ski suitable to the softer days and all day bumpin.
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I've owned the Fischer RX8's and AMC 76's, currently own the 174 XL's, demoed the 724's several years ago. Can't address the various Heats.

724's as I recall skied big and slow. Strong in crud, fairly smooth, planky in tight spots. I like most Volkls, but these were not my fav. Even then felt like an old design.

Fischers are really different skis than Stockli's, in feel and in mission. My RX8's were a fantastic carving instructor, forgiving, lot of energy and liveliness, definitely one of the better frontside skis I've used. Only decent in bumps and didn't like crud or higher speeds. My 76's were better in crud, but still got knocked around, incredible on ice for a mid-fat, very nice in bumps (better than the RX), also quick, lively, lot of snow feel. I sold them because I didn't like the amount of deflection in crud, wanted a smoother ski at speed.

XL's to me are nearly the opposite in feel - velvety smooth from slow to supersonic, utterly unimpressed with crud or chop - but still carve like demons on ice. Surprisingly good in bumps using a pivot. OTOH, they demand better balance and skills than most skis, want more speed than I need 70% of the time, and feel like what they are - fatter GS skis with oddly forgiving tips and tails. So they'll never be as quick in short radius turns or as light as the Fischers. But I'll never forsake them, even if they're only applicable a few days a season.

IMO, if you really like your current XL's, stick with the brand. Harder to find a ski that feels like that - try impossible - than a ski that feels light and lively.
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Dawgcatching's review of Fischer's new Cool Heat:
http://forums.epicski.com/showthread... t#post669583

Dawgcatching's review of Fischer's new Cold Heat:
http://forums.epicski.com/showthread... t#post687471

Sierra Jim's description of the Fischer AMC 79.
http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...C#post 666081

Both Dawgcatching and Sierra Jim post consistant quality reviews. Since they are both in the ski business they get to demo next season's gear early.

I Don't know much about Stöckli except that they have a reputation for making high quality, often demanding (as in stiff), skis.
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Thanks for all your input and comparisons. This is a great website. I've been reading epic for a while, but this was my first question. Lots of good feedback.
...Gator, I might be interested in those blue & red xl's.
Thanks again
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