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More WC ski swaps...

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I got time, time on my hands...

You'll recall that Bode Miller dropped Fischer and went with Rossignol. (And to answer your long-ago question, Miles, YES, you WILL ski better now because of it.)
Eric Schlopy, Dane Spencer and Lasse Kjus(NOR) will be skiing on Dynastars next year (with Look bindings). All three had been on Atomic skis/bindings.
Waiting for futher word on what (or is it who?) they'll be wearing at next year's Academy Awards.

Cher will remain with her manufacturer.

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...and finally, MY brand gets some big-name recognition. And yes, they will be faster because of it.
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Cher needs a hat. She's going to get cold on the summit chair.
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that assumes her skin is actually skin. i've heard it's a velcro-like composite that has all the qualities of Gore-Tex. could be just a rumor though.
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Hey Cher, is that your dress or did you forget to shave today?
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Nah, she's mainlining botox. Makes emoting difficult.
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