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Relative stiffness

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Interested in your thoughts on brands' stiffness of their race training SL/SC/GC models. Does the order pretty much mirror brands' better rec skis? Are there brands that are significantly stiffer or flexier than you'd expect from their rec lines? For instance, this would be my take (have skied carver models of all except Nordica and K2) on advanced/expert rec carvers (1=stiffest):

1) Atomic
2) Nordica
3) Head
4) Stockli
5) Volkl
6) Elan
7) Fischer
8) Dynastar
9) Salomon
10) Rossignol
11) K2

Agree or way off?
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I think the bottom 4 are significantly softer than the others. But the top 7 are all stiff to stiffer depending on model.

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Hard to say, because many of the skis feel stiff in different ways. For instance, Volkls almost all have a very sharp stiffness to them in my opinion, while many of the Heads, Fischers, and Elans have a generally smooth stiffness to me. I suppose this is damping entering into the overall feel. I do think the top 7 could probably be grouped into a 1-2-3 category with many of the brands in a tie. And as Michael noted, the various models within the brands muddy the ranking.
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I think it's a moot point trying to put blanket approximations on a brand. Which ski in which length in what model run mounted with what plate? Then there's the question of how to gauge stiffness. Are we talking about perceived feel, store flexing, or something like mm of tip deflection?
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Its impossible to really rank them because there are more factors than straight-up longitudinal stiffness that determine how a ski will feel, and even then, several brands have different flexes between SL and GS skis. For example, Nordicas aren't terribly longitudinally stiff, but because they have less sidecut than many other SL skis, they ski as one of the stiffest. Conversely, Dynastar's latest SL ski is super burly flex wise, but pushes the limits of how much sidecut you would really want to ski on; that makes the Dynastar fairly easy to ski as long as you've got the reflexes to stay on top of it. Volkl's SL ski, which is fairly stiff, would rank higher on the stiffness scale than their GS ski, which is somewhat "average" on the hand flex scale.
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