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Junior race skis for tiny adult female?

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Ok, my girlfriend is 47, stands 4'11'' and weighs 105 if you give her a good soaking with the garden hose. She's a strong level 5 skier with good movement patterns who mostly needs a little mileage to get her center more foraganal at initiation.

She skis groomed runs on eastern mountains.

She won't ski longer than 135-140.

Are junior race skis an option here?
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My Daughters both used Jr race skis until they exceeded 130 lbs (still 100 lbs less than Dad ). As young adults one now has a 160cm Fischer RX8 and the other has a 160cm Atomic GS9.

Junior race skis are ideal for developing carving skills and can be versatile, since light skiers float well on skinny skis. I known a few female instructors that use them full time. Consider this selection: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...y_Code=kidskis

I would avoid low end models, try to find the Jr race models that use adult ski construction. The best models for free skiing are the GS/SL combo models: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...oduct_Count=27 or http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...oduct_Count=45


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Another good option is the ski I flog regularly, namely the K2 Apache Jr. It's basically a short Crossfire/Burnin' Luv (103/65/91 for the Jr. vs. 115/68/99 for the Crossfire/BL; works out to a 12m radius at 146 for the Jr, vs. 13m @160 for the BL and 16m @174 for the Crossfire). Wood core construction, available in 136 (which my 4'9" daughter skied last year and this) and 146 (which I have waiting in the wings for her, probably starting next year, when she'll probably be your GF's height). My daughter has 50-60 days on hers so far, and she is not easy on her skis. She loves them so much that I almost put my wife on the 153s this year.
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if shes a strong lovel 5 skier, id stay away from K2 race skis. theyre race stuff is very weak and not stiff enough for level 5ers.

id recommend the Volkl Racetiger JR stuff, i ski on the adult racetigers and i used to be an atomic man myself. ive also skiied fischers, and for the east coast (im from CT), i love my racetigers.

plus youll save 200(ish) cuz the GS racetigers come with the marker plate already mounted haha.
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