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Ski choice...

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I may be coming up on some extra money... I'm considering buying the K2 Enemies off of MontanaSnow, but want some assurance that it may work for me.

I'm 5'9", 140lbs.. I currently ski the K2 Escape 5500 in a 160cm and a Salomon 720 in 151cm. I have different things I like about each of them... heres what I think about each...

K2 Escape 5500 - Feels more stable at higher speeds than the Salomon, has much better edge hold.. Dull edges on these hold better than freshly tuned edges on Salomons. Don't like short radius turns too much.

Salomon 720 - At slow speeds, can do longer radius, but when it picks up speeds, it feels like it's folding in half... The faster you try to go, the sharper it turns and cuts speed... Doesn't hold an edge well in ice. Has plenty of rebound when you get it bent... it throws you through the transition (which is an awesome feeling).

I'm looking for an east coast ski... When there's powder, I spend the day in it, otherwise it's all groomers all day, so I'd prefer to have something that can handle powder... if not, the Salomon 720s will work fine for it... I don't want to lose much on-piste carving performance. The 'natural' turn size on the Escape is too long for my taste (I'm not sure wht the turn radius is on these), and the fast turns on the Salomon 720 are too short (12.7m).. So I'd like something in the middle, but closer to the Salomons (maybe 13m - 13.5m?) I need good edgehold on ice since i'm in the east.

I've been thinking of these:
K2 Public Enemy @ 163cm
K2 Enemy (That MontanaSnow is selling, will these suit my taste?!)
Fischer RX8 @ 160cm (Everyone loves these)

My budget is about $350, but I'll deal with new or used... I don't ski bumps. I've never had the urge to learn yet.. but if the ski is competent in bumps, that'd be a plus.. just in case. I can handle any non-bump trail in the East and feel comfortable, but my technique isn't the greatest, but I'm working on it. I want a ski I can relax on a little bit, but will give me good feedback when I really push it. Resorts around here are closed, so demoing is out of the question... Just want to take advantage of sales, and hopefully (if the ski will suit my needs) help out a fellow Bear by buying a set of his skis... Basically, if the K2 Enemies will suit what I want, I'd prefer to get them.. if not, let me know and give me your suggestions.
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You are sending out mixed requirements so I am not real sure what your focus is (other than the fact that you are behaving like I do when I have $$ to spend on skis or a deal comes along ). While the PEs will be great in powder and do OK on groomers, they are not a super-strong carver ski and I would not count on them for hold on ice (though they are better than expected in both regards). The RX-8 is a top notch hard-snow carver, but not a good choice for powder. Neither ski is great in crud (despite being wide, the PE tips make it want to climb/ride crud rather than cut/plow through it, and the RX-8 is plain hooky in crud).

If you do go with the PE, 169cm would be about the right length for you. They are effectively 15-20cm shorter on hardpack, so even the 169 will ski short for you. In powder, the long tip kicks in to make it ski longer.

Good luck!
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Just chiming in with a data point for your consideration: I'm 5'8", 155lbs, Level 7-8. So far I've only had them on refrozen slush and slush before the resorts closed, and skied them on stock tune, but I love my K2 Public Enemy @ 174cm, +4.5 mount. They do have a decidedly GS feel, with good rebound energy, so-far-adequate-for-me stability, and a radius of ~17m (I believe your Escape 5500 is at ~17m too). They're passable on ice, but it's pretty obvious that it's forte lies elsewhere. But like skier219 said, they are surprisingly competent in situations where you would not expect a fat-ish park-ish twin-tip to be (i.e. ice, groomer carving, stability-at-speed). It's totally conceivable as one-pair-quiver.
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I don't want to sacrifice on-piste performance, because the Salomon 720s handle powder just fine. See, the problem is, I don't know exactly what I want either... hehe...

How do the K2 Enemies Compare to the Public Enemies?

Maybe I can put it this was... Will the Public Enemies be able to handle anything in the East coast at least as well as my Escape 5500? I think I might pull the trigger on them... I've been fascinated by them and I've always heard good things. I doubt I can get ahold of them in good condition for less than $300...

Anyone wanna chime in with an opinion on the K2 Enemies that MontanaSnow has up for grabs.... can't beat $100 for a good set of skis if they are comparable to the Public Enemies....
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I know the Enemies as my son had a pair that I took a few runs on. Although it's a decent ski (do a search here) it's a completely different ski than the PEs which he now has. I would describe it as an all mountain skinny mid-fat. Not an ice skate like the RX8 but just decent edge hold. Good in soft snow/packed powder. I paid $100 for them and thought it was a good deal. The PE by comparison is a more aggressive ski that seems to work well in most conditions. He's got the 179s and I've skied them. Better than expected edge hold, a little too stiff for me in the bumps, pretty stable at speed. I've seen them for $200ish a lot. If it were me I'd go PE.

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You can get brand new PEs for $257 on backcountryoutlet.com if you start at sacattack.com, search on the PE, and follow the 40% off link. They have had them on SAC a few times in the last month for as low as $187. If I see that deal I plan on buying a second pair (I really love the ski).

Unfortunately I have not skied the old "enemies" but I recall they were narrower and not as solid as the current PEs.
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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post
You can get brand new PEs for $257 on backcountryoutlet.com if you start at sacattack.com, search on the PE, and follow the 40% off link. They have had them on SAC a few times in the last month for as low as $187. If I see that deal I plan on buying a second pair (I really love the ski).
If per chance that deal comes back, what length would you recommend for PEs, Level 8, 6', 180#, east coast, moderarely tight spaces? I might just pull the trigger.
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I have about the same specs as you (6'1" 185 lb, lev 8-9) and the 179cm PEs are ideal -- they feel just perfect to me. They ski very short (like 165cm skis) on hard snow but give the float of a 180-182cm traditional ski in powder. Very nice combination. I mounted the bindings at +2.5cm.
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