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I placed an order with Terry at Slidewright last weekend as I was taking advantage of his discount to Epic Ski Supporters. The shipment arrived sooner than I expected and everything looks good.
Although I am trusting of everyone on Epic Ski, Terry at Slidewright demonstrated to me that he is the real deal. Good products, prompt shipping, informative advice, and great communication. He will be the first person I check with the next time that I am looking for tuning supplies. Thanks to him again for great service and for being a positive member to Epic Ski.
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Slidewright is rad... My experience was very positive.... from the advice I was given on here as to what I need, down to the transaction, and shipment...
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Also had good experience buying a vise recently.
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Terry is a great guy to deal with. However, he probably won't make any money if he continues to give us great deals, free samples, etc!
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Like most skiers, rational thinking has nothing to do with my actions.

Thanks for nice comments. Hopefully, more people have become more informed and less intimidated about taking care of their skis and boards over the season, while becoming aware of ranges of tools and wax options. It's been a pleasure getting to know others via this forum, phone and emails. Great season!
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I've been quite remiss in not really reviewing Slidewrights products effectively. This I know, I will be ordering a batch of the Universal for next year. During the season my time is very limited and this product simply worked beautifully for me in nearly all conditions. I'll also be getting some tuning products from him.

Most importantly though, I've had the opportunity to ski with Terry and his son twice now. He's a fine skier, very knowlegeable about his products and all of that. But, what really impressed me is that after just a few minutes with him you can tell that you're with a really fine and honorable person. He's a man you can trust.

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