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K2 Seth

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I just picked up a pair of K2 Seth as my all-mountian ski..I'm 6'2'-195lbs and an advanced skier..I'm curious about mounting position.I'm not doing any "park" skiing, My 43 year body doesn't allow me..I putting Sally Z12's on them. Any advice on mounting position/ I'm thinking +1.... thanks
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See K2 forums

I have the same questions as I just bought a set of 179s after riding a demo pair. I have been checking out "the Seth Forum" at K2skis.com http://www.k2skis.com/idealbb/forum.... 7C2B773DCAFE6 which has a lot of discussion on the Seths. The consensus seems to be reasonably far forward, +3 to +5. This is where Seth said he rides them.
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Did you get 179 or 189? I have 179, 5'10" 195 and I went +2. These are used primaily east in the woods and crud and west for pow pow days.
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This may be helpful


I have the PE's and will mount 5cm forward for riding switch and 360's and such. If you just want all mountian and better float stay 0 to +2
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