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My new cap for the summer

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Normally, I wear an SF Giants cap. This past summer I got numerous negative comments about Bonds while wearing one and I expect them to be worse this year as he approaches Aaron's record. Ergo, I'm wearing a Texas Rangers cap (my second favorite MLB team) until the flak is over.
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T is for...


also, Testimony


"...but Texas wants you anyway."
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would a gentleman from bozeman wearing a missoula osprey ballcap...

....be anything like a giants fan donning dodger garb?
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They have a minor league team in Missoula???? I can see them having a semi-pro hacky-sack team or some other patcholli (sp?) scented sport, but not baseball.

One good thing about wearing a Rangers hat is nobody recognizes it here. I had to go online to buy one even though I could easily buy a Yankees, Dodgers or Red Sox hat in my size in numerous colors.
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How about a Beach Bums beanie?

Haven't heard about any controversies regarding the Frontier League.
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Can you get a TC hat online?
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same as the old boss

i couldn't begin to muster a glance at the dodgers.

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Ryan, glad to hear you're not going over to the dark side.
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