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Okemo open for one more week

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Just got this of there web site.

With already amazing conditions and up to A FOOT of new snow expected today, Okemo has decided to push back closing day until Sunday, April 22nd. Hope you haven't packed away your gear just yet!

I'll be there tomorrow morning.
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I'll be there tomorrow afternoon and Monday, too. Maybe I'll even take the plunge and ski on the weekend! :

I'll keep an eye out for you!
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Hope to see ya.
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Yes, I will bring my camera so we can post some pictures.
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Why did this snow come AFTER my weekend skiing with you all!?:
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Today was great, coverage better than it was all winter. Snow surface wasn't like some of our earlier powder days, but because the snow was dense, it stuck to everything. Tomorrow should be one of those days. We'll just have to see where the storm tracks. Looks like another elevation dependent dumps. I'll have some pictures when I get home and download them.
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